Why was my order cancelled by Colorsbridesmaid.com?

If we cancelled your order and refunded your payment, mostly it is because we cannot verify your payment or the items you ordered were out of stock. Generally, our customer service staff would contact you in advance by telephone or email. If we are unable to get in touch with you by all possible means in 5 days after your payment, we will have to cancell your order and refund your payment. As we hold the opinion that it is our responsibility to handle customers' orders instantly to guarantee shipping time.

Two main reasons for cancellation are:

Firstly, the name and address of your PayPal account isn't in accord with that of your order, and there was not any response when we contacted you.

Secondly, the items you ordered were out of stock, (generally we have enough stock except for temporary lack of certain items in rare situations) and there was no response at all when we contacted you.