FAQ on Color Swatch

It is very hard to match a delicate color with the wedding color scheme. We are happy to provide you with the color swatch service which will help you feel the colors in person and distinguish the best matched color. Please pay attention to the following points before ordering color swatches.

Our color swatches are specified according to fabric. You should know the swatches’ fabric before ordering. It is very easy. Just choose several preferred dresses, and you can know the fabric from the description. Then you will know the fabric you will order.

We suggest you to choose at least 3-5 color swatches. As all we know, colors on screen cannot be exactly  the same as the actual fabric colors due to the difference of computer screen, camera pixel, angle and light when shooting etc. So we advise you to choose more similar color swatches to compare these colors' delicate difference. In this way, you will always get the most satisfied one.

Each color swatch is just sold $2. If you choose Free Delivery, a totally free shipping method only available for U.S customers, you will receive your swatches about 10-15 days after you place your order. If you want to shorten shipping time to 4-7 days, you can use Express Delivery method. The swatch sold is nonrefundable.

Our color swatch does not include lace fabric. Our lace is dyed to match the color of your dress.  So you can feel the color from the fabric of the dress. If you want to get more information about lace fabric swatch, please contact us.