August, a last summer month still with flowers in bloom, is absolutely great to hold wedding. That is because it provides the most beautiful shades for couples to play with. When choosing wedding color shades in August, you have to consider temperature and the color wheel. For example, warm colors include red, yellow, and orange. Also, cool colors include purple, blue, and green. Create pops of color with contrasting shades, or keep things consistent by mixing shades from the same family. Unfortunately, mixing colors isn't easy. Here we list top 9 August wedding colors for 2023 for the couples who plan to hold the big event in the next August.

Dusty Rose + Sage

When it comes to wedding colors in August, dusty rose works perfectly with this time of the year, romantic and amazing. When it pairs with sage green, the hottest color in the wedding industry, it can work wonders! It will reflect nature in its own warm and special way. Pair dusty rose bridesmaid dresses with sage green leaves for wedding decor, and adding pastel roses and leaves bring the theme alive! All the floral decorations in wedding centerpieces, wedding cake, wedding card numbers, etc in dusty rose flowers and sage green leaves will be wonderful for your august wedding in 2023.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 dusty rose and sage green

Emerald + Hot Pink + Gold

Hot pink and gold are the go-to when choosing a fun and feminine color combination for your August wedding in 2023. Still want a fresh and modern vibe, just add emerald to it. It will inspire fun and fashion-forward brides who are not afraid of color! You can use hot pink flowers and some pop of pastel pink flowers in wedding centerpieces, bouquets, wedding cake and plate décor. Let your leading girls wear emerald green bridesmaid dresses. Wedding plates, wedding candles and cup decorations, wedding plates holding rings, desks to put wedding cake, can be gold color.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 emerald hot pink and gold

Lavender + Yellow

Yellow, a bright color, tends to be a summer inspiration while lavender is more like fall. The combination of lavender and yellow will create a different and desirable feeling, something unusual but just right! All wedding flowers can be mixed with lavender, yellow and green, whether they are used for wedding arches, bouquets, or centerpieces of the table. The bride can wear a white wedding dress, the bridesmaids can wear stunning lavender dresses, and the groom can wear a gray suit with lavender and yellow corsage. Your august wedding in 2023 in a lavender and yellow color palette will be dreamy.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 lavender and yellow

Champagne + Navy + Brown

Champagne, navy, and brown is a classy color palette that is flawless and elegant yet still neutral. And this will make perfect sense for your August wedding in 2023. While the bride can be in her white bridal gown and bridesmaids in champagne dresses. Groomsmen in navy suits and ties and choose navy bridesmaid robes for your leading girls. You can take your pick from bouquets in white and blush, wedding invitations with champagne covers, navy wedding tablecloths and champagne table runners and napkins, and wedding cakes decorated with champagne and light brown flowers. The options are numerous, and all equally aesthetic with this one!

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 champagne navy and brown

Light Blue + Coral + Peach

Light blue is a very fresh wedding color that is proper for August weddings. When it works with coral and peach, the wedding will add some warmth and summery vibes. Coral and peach color tones will work beautifully in flowers in bouquets, centerpieces, wedding cakes, and bridegroom's corsage. And light blue can be used in your bridesmaids' dresses. The girls in light blue gowns will greatly flatter the bride in a white bridal gown.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 light blue coral and peach

Navy + White + Greenery

Navy blue is such an elegant shade that if you want to use it in your August wedding, you can pair it with white and greenery to balance its dark tone. The bride and flower girl can be in white dresses while the bridesmaids in navy dresses. The bridegroom is in a white shirt and navy suit with white and greenery corsage. Both wedding arch and wedding table centerpieces can be white roses and greenery. Use navy napkins, navy wedding invites covers and blueberry to contrast the white colors.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 navy white and greenery

Orange + Royal Blue

Orange and royal blue is a joyful and bold color palette that will make your August wedding in 2023 memorable due to its strong contrasting effect. Bridesmaids in orange dresses while groomsmen in royal blue suits. The decoration in wedding centerpieces and wedding aisle chairs can be royal blue and orange flowers. Wedding cakes can be white and royal blue in color and decorated with orange flowers.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 orange and royal blue

Shades of Pink + Grey

Pink is a perfect color for a fairytale wedding in August. When it works with grey, it becomes elegant and refreshing. You can use different shades of pinks in wedding flower decorations in bouquets and wedding cakes. Girls in light pink bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen in grey suits and ties. Grey lanterns surrounded by pink petals, rings in a grey box and wedding invites with light pink flower printings are great in this color scheme. Overall, this is not a new color combo, knowing that pink and grey have been around forever, but it certainly feels refreshing and new every time!

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 shades of pink and grey

Rich Colors

August is a colorful month, why not make full use of the rich colors? Let your bridesmaid in mint green dress and Fuschia dress and decorate your wedding cake, wedding bouquets, and centerpieces in yellow, pink, peach, burgundy, Fuschia, and greenery. All the colorful flowers will create fascinating and attractive feelings. Do not forget the wedding table number card and sign-in table. Also, use rich colors to arrange them.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 rich colors

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