Chiffon30 Swatches (Style Chiffon30)

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Brides can choose one or more similar color swatches according to the wedding color scheme. It is noted that our color swatches are specified according to fabric. Please choose the fabric you intend to order firstly. We suggest brides to choose several preferred styles for your bridesmaid, from which the fabric of the color swatches will be known. Then you can place your order. Swatches sold are nonreturnable.

What good you can get from ordering color swatches:
1. It will avoid the color difference due to camera shooting light, angle and screen resolution setting. You get to see the real color.
2. You can feel the fabric personally.
3. You are able to match other wedding items on the basis of the swatch and fabric you finally choose.

Dimension: 10x8 CM
Shipping Weight: 0.005Kg

For U.S customer, there are two shipping methods: Free Delivery and Express Delivery. Free Delivery, as it is named, means that you do not need to pay shipping cost. It usually takes about 10-15 days to receive your swatches. This delivery is a good option if your time is enough. The other option- Express Delivery enables you to receive your swatches in 4-7 days, but you need to pay express delivery expense.

For non-American customers, only Express Delivery is available currently.
Customer Reviews
Reviewed by DAWN
May 25, 2024

I want to order a dress from here, the dress is made of chiffon 30, but I cannot make a decision for color, I ordered this color samples, $2 each piece, I want to see actual color.

Reviewed by Harriet
Oct 29, 2023

I want to order ine dress from here, but cannot make a decision for color, their customer service told me to order color samples first, it actually help me for color.

Reviewed by RENATA
Jul 30, 2023

Thanks for offering swatches. It was extremely helpful. I said yes to a turquoise dress!! I'm so so happy!

Reviewed by JILL
Jun 4, 2023

I ordered 8 swatches and they arrived soon. Fabric is good enough. I picked up one color and already placed an order.

Reviewed by SHEILA
Mar 21, 2023

Great swatches free shipping. i was able to order 6 swatches & make a decision before ordering bridesmaid dresses!

Reviewed by YETTA
Mar 3, 2023

One of the best things they offer before you buy, they give free-shipping swatches. Thanks for the convenience helping us make decisions.

Reviewed by dolores
Feb 16, 2023

This fabric is very thin and flowy, if you like the dress floor length, it is a best choice to select chaiffon 30 fabric, it will be very comfortable to wear.

Reviewed by Stacey
Jan 13, 2023

Before order my bridesmaid dress, I ordered swatches from colorsbridemaid, and it is free shipping, $2 for each piece, very cheap and useful. Thank you!!

Reviewed by Regina
Jan 2, 2021

I ordered 5 swatches to check the real colors, the colors are very beautiful, I have decided to choose the dusty rose as my bridesmaids dresses color.

Reviewed by LYNN
Oct 3, 2020

I loved the fabric, has a nice feel and great quality! I wanted some pre-cut fabric to see the colors. And I will order my dresses. Lots of color choices! This worked for me! Thanks!

Reviewed by Xaviera
Sep 10, 2020

There was no shipping fee for the swatches and the colors are really beautiful, they help me too much to decide which color perfect for my Spring wedding.

Reviewed by Sondra J. Curtis
Jul 10, 2018

L order this dress

Reviewed by Vera
Jun 19, 2018

Colors were like I thought they would be. So great! Thank you!

Reviewed by JUDITH
May 30, 2018

I did receive my samples and am satisfied with them. My bridesmaid satisfied too. I appreciate your careful work. I ordered three samples in the same color of peacock since I need multiple swatches to send to my bridesmaids. You noticed it and confirmed it with me. Like your customer service, careful, patient, professional and friendly.

Reviewed by Samantha
May 8, 2018

The ivory color is the same as the pic shown, very perfect! Only $2 for a color swatches to guarantee the color! I have made a wise decision :D. Two week delivery is accepatable. I am going to need about 8 dresses but I have to gather everyone's measurements firstly. And then we will place the order on bridesmaid dresses.

Reviewed by PAMELA
May 5, 2018

We have received your samples! Thank you! We will definitely use the electric blue. Our bridesmaids will be ordering separately on their own since it is easier and they know their sizes well. Thank you for giving us a discount on the bridesmaid dresses orders.

Reviewed by deirdre
Apr 17, 2018

Took about two weeks to get the swatches since I chose free delivery. A little bit longer, I think. The burgundy is the color that we finally selected to make bridesmaid dresses.

Reviewed by DAISY
Apr 16, 2018

My swatches arrived to me. The royal purple was elegant and I like the color. The wedding event is in 2019. I have more time to choose style in royal purple color.

Reviewed by MARGUERITE
Apr 9, 2018

I recommend ordering color swatches which will help you to see the color in person and decide which one to choose. Their customer service staff are helpful and recommend me some similar colors and among them I find the one that I like best.

Reviewed by octavia
Mar 14, 2018

Spending so little, but get some swatches to see the real color. It is a great deal! It can avoid the problem that the color of the dress is not what you think. The shipping time is acceptable.

Reviewed by Irma
Feb 2, 2018

Really accurate color samples of what wine looks like! So glad I ordered it in advance! There will be 4 dresses total and they may be getting different styles in the same color.

Reviewed by Diana
Feb 1, 2018

I ordered swatches in 5 different shades of pink, and I was very very pleased! The colors in person slightly vary from the colors you see on the screen, so I'm super glad I got the swatches, and very glad Colorsbridesmaid keeps them so affordable!

Reviewed by Muriel
Jan 13, 2018

Very beautiful colors, the swatches are very useful as a reference. We will be ordering at least 4 dresses for now.

Reviewed by Hannah
Jan 11, 2018

Helpful to see the colors and feel the fabric in person. Good quality. Arrived quickly! I just hope the dresses are the same color as the swatch.

Reviewed by ADA
Jan 7, 2018

I have received the samples last week & I really like the colors. The samples I enjoyed the most are Dusty rose (83) & Mauve (101). They played well together and looked so romantic in person! Highly recommend doing this!

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