Dark green and white is a sophisticated and timeless color combination that is perfect for an April wedding in 2025. This color scheme can be beautifully incorporated into various wedding elements. Imagine bridesmaids in stunning dark green dresses, the bride in a delicate white gown, and the groom in a sharp dark green suit with a white shirt. Tables can be adorned with white tablecloths and dark green table runners, complemented by centerpieces of white flowers and greenery. The wedding cake could feature alternating tiers of dark green and white, adorned with intricate floral decorations. From the ceremony arch to the boutonnieres, this color palette can be seamlessly woven throughout the wedding décor, creating a cohesive and sophisticated look for the special day.

dark green bridesmaid dresses and a white bridal gown  for april wedding colors combos for 2025 dark green and white
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