Pastel yellow and yellow, thanks to its bright and cheerful vibes that perfectly complement the sunny summer days, will be still a popular color palette for July weddings in 2025. Pastel yellow bridesmaid dresses, a white bridal gown, and a grey groom suit with a yellow vest effortlessly incorporate this color scheme into the wedding party's attire. Accessories such as pastel yellow ties and yellow flower boutonnieres add a cohesive touch to the overall look. The wedding décor further highlights the palette, with details like a pastel yellow dot wedding cake adorned with yellow flower décor, pastel yellow flower and white candles centerpieces, and perfume bottles with yellow sash accents. These elements come together to create a cohesive and visually stunning wedding aesthetic that embraces the cheerful spirit of summer.

a white bridal gown and pastel yellow bridesmaid dresses for july wedding colors combos for 2025 pastel yellow and yellow
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