Getting ready for a wedding is a huge undertaking that requires planning ahead. Choosing colors for your wedding can be surprisingly difficult, especially fall wedding colors can present a particular challenge. If you are planning your fall wedding colors for 2023, here we will discuss some color combos that you can incorporate into your fall wedding designs. From the linens to the flowers, to the dresses, to the flatware, from wedding cakes to jewelry, to footwear, to invites, you will find everything comes together tastfully and reflects the natural beauty around us.

Emerald Green + Brown

Emerald green, as an eye-catching color, is a great wedding color palette, especially paired with the earthy feel color of brown which can express a fresh feel or a glamorous and sophisticated vibe for your fall wedding in 2023. You can dress your ladies in emerald green dresses, arrange floral in wedding tablescape, wedding arch, bouquets in the neutral brown color, dot the emerald wedding cake with brown leaves and lemon dry slice, and choose emerald and brown invite covers.

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 emerald green and brown

Burgundy + Gold

Rich colors are one of the reasons why fall weddings are so popular. Of all the colors, burgundy is a bright color for fall weddings. In your fall wedding in 2023, you can also choose burgundy as the main color of your wedding because it adds drama, mixes well with other popular colors like gold and it also is a good representation of love. You can use burgundy bridesmaid dresses for your ladies. They will create a strong contrasting effect with your white bridal gown. As to the floral arrangements, add some light colors of pink and white flowers to highlight these darker tones of burgundy flowers. The gold color will add some glamorous vibe to the burgundy such as the gold wedding cake topper, gold candle holder under burgundy candles, and burgundy earrings with a gold rhinestone frame. Gold bridal shoes and burgundy wedding invites are great, too!

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 burgundy and gold

Teal + Orange

Teal is always a favorite color for a fall wedding. If you want to use this color palette in your fall wedding in 2023, you can combine the bright shades with warm orange tones, which not only give it a nice balance but also keep this look delicate and fresh. The white bridal gown, teal bridesmaid dresses, as well as orange bouquets and floral décor in centerpieces and wedding cakes, Macaroons in boxes with teal and orange ribbons, all these elegant romantic elements will give you a more refined look.

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 emerald teal and orange

Navy + Burnt Orange

Navy blue and burnt orange are wonderful color combos that are ideal for your fall wedding in 2023. If the bridesmaids are wearing navy blue dresses, they will look great holding burnt orange, peach, and light pink bouquets. It is the same visual effect as the groomsmen in navy blue suits in burnt orange ties and boutonniere. Some other details and embellishments such as navy blue table linens, copper charger plates topped by navy blue napkins, a burnt orange dahlia for each guest, a wedding cake dotted with burgundy and burnt orange flowers, etc should incorporate the two colors balanced.

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 emerald navy and burnt orange

Purple + Yellow

Want your fall wedding in 2023 to be unique and memorable? Why not try a purple and yellow wedding color palette? It is a combination that not many couples can put off, but they can look stunning with the right balance. Just add other light colors to this palette such as white and grey colors. The bride is in a white gown and the bridesmaids are in purple dresses. Their bouquets can be yellow sunflowers, white roses, and greenery. The wedding tablescape decorated with flowers of the different hues of purple, yellow and white, three-tiered wedding cakes (purple, white, and purple cream), and men in dark grey suits and purple ties, all of these looks so gorgeous and charming.

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 emerald purple and yellow

Champagne + Greenery

Dreaming of a classic and glamour fall wedding in 2023? Champagne will be your best choice. In addition to its elegance and romance, it also conveys a luxurious atmosphere. There will be no wrong to fill your champagne wedding with greenery. The bridesmaids in champagne dresses carrying greenery bouquets with white flowers are a great complement to the bride's lush white garden floral bouquet. To complete the color combos, you can let your men in green suits and champagne vests, arrange your table covered with champagne lace and greenery arrangements with white flowers, use a vintage champagne gold mirror for wedding signs, and decorate the wedding arch and wedding cake with greenery.

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 emerald champagne and greenery

Red + Yellow

If you want a bold and bright fall wedding in 2023, a red and yellow color palette is a not bad choice. It can warm up your day and your feeling. From red bridesmaid dresses to yellow wedding caked dotted with red roses, from red table linen with yellow sunflower and red rose centerpieces, from red bridal shoes and men's ties to yellow cupcakes, everything looks so shinning and cheery.

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 emerald red and yellow

Dusty Blue + Blush Pink

Dusty blue with its romance and elegance appeal is very popular in recent years. Thinking of something blue for your event? You can choose dusty blue and blush pink since it is a very delicate and subtle combo perfect for nearly any wedding. Your fall weddings in 2023 will not be an exception. All flower décor such as bouquets, table centerpieces, and wedding cake décor can be blush pink roses, white roses, and greenery. If you choose dusty blue bridesmaid dresses for your ladies, you can let your Mr. Right wear a navy blue suit with a blush pink tie to reach a balance. The rings hidden in a blush rose will be so surprising!

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 dusty blue and blush pink

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