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Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses in 300+ styles, $69-99, custom made freely to your sizes, perfect fit, flatter curvy figure, 150+ colors, color samples avail., great quality, fast arrived.
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ColsBM Erin Turquoise Informal A-line Spaghetti Sleeveless Floor Length Ruching Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Erin


This style is simple, very comfortable to wear, belly part has much room, it can cover my big belly, I used custom size directly. Overall, an amazing dress.

Reviewed by pearl Jun 13, 2024
ColsBM Veronica Black Simple A-line Sleeveless Zipper Chiffon Sash Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Veronica


I have received my dress, it is earlier than I expected, color is just same as pics, I also ordered one shawl together with my dress, matched well, I am really happy with my order.

Reviewed by Chloe May 24, 2024
ColsBM Dahlia Tangerine Sexy A-line Zip up Chiffon Floor Length Sash Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Dahlia


I need 6 dresses floor length for my bridesmaids. I was scared to order online, Because I cannot see actual color and cannot try on. Before place order for dresses, I ordered color swatches first to see actual fabric and color. All my dresses with free custom size, they all same color shade, sizes are perfect, only small alteration needed for one dress, overall everything good as expected. It is a happy purchase.

Reviewed by Laurel May 21, 2024
ColsBM Elyse Teal Traditional A-line Sleeveless Zip up Chiffon Floor Length Mother of the Bride Dresses

ColsBM Elyse


The dress has a scarf, they are a whole, price is really cheap. I selected free custom size, it fits me well, So happy with this online shopping.

Reviewed by jill May 21, 2024
ColsBM Jasmine Wine Sexy Halter Sleeveless Zipper Chiffon Ruching Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Jasmine


I ordered 9 dresses for my bridesmaids, their customer service adviced they can make one first to see style and quality, if like, then make the left 8 dresses. It is actually helpful, the 1st dress is beautiful, now I have got all my dresses in time, I would definitly order from here in future.

Reviewed by WENDY May 18, 2024
ColsBM Susan Burgundy Mature Short Sleeve Zipper Floor Length Ribbon Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Susan


The dress was classic. I order this dress to see color and quality, It is made of chiffon, and very flattering, I will order the left 5 dresses with different styles same color for my bridesmaids soon.

Reviewed by honey Apr 24, 2024
ColsBM Caitlin Dahlia Modern A-line Spaghetti Sleeveless Appliques Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Caitlin


I received this dress today in lilac, the length is very good, the custom size make the dress fit me perfect. I have shared the site at my facebook.

Reviewed by Jenny Apr 13, 2024
ColsBM Kaitlyn Sky Blue Cinderella A-line Sleeveless Chiffon Floor Length Ruching Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Kaitlyn


Great fit. The style is terrific!

Reviewed by VALENTINA Oct 24, 2023
ColsBM Azalea Dark Purple Sexy A-line Spaghetti Zipper Pleated Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Azalea


I love this site!?I wish I had found it sooner.?They have great quality items that are listed at really amazing prices, for that quality.?I'm definitely ordering from it more often now that I have found it.?I also have recomended it to at least 3 friends.?I even told my Mom about it!

Reviewed by polly Jun 30, 2023
ColsBM Scarlet Navy Blue Simple Spaghetti Sleeveless Half Backless Ribbon Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

ColsBM Scarlet


I viewed so many website to find a perfect dress for my bridesmaids, but failed untill I saw this dress on their website, I think this is the best dress for my wedding and it doesn't make me disappointed.?We used the custom size and the dresses fit my bridesmaid very well.

Reviewed by truda Jun 3, 2023