Are you preparing to plan your wedding? Have to say, choosing the perfect wedding colors is the beginning of designing the details of your wedding day. Here we collect top 40+ wedding color ideas and inspirations in all wedding seasons and wedding theme colors respectively , which will help you narrow down so many options. These beautiful color schemes will inspire your wedding day!

Wedding Colors for 2023

If your wedding is in 2023, you can get more ideas and inspirations from these wedding colors trends for 2023. They will help you to make your wedding stand out. The detailed information about wedding design elements such as bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, men's suits, wedding venue, flowers, cakes, invites, table décor etc. will be illustrated!

Sage Green Wedding Colors 2023 sage green and white

Here we list the 20+ best wedding color ideas for 2023. No matter what your wedding season and theme, you can find a wedding color idea that you like best!

Best 20+ Wedding Color Palettes for 2023

Wedding Colors in Fall

Fall season, by virtue of its natural backdrop-beautiful falling leaves, great weather-not too hot or too cold as well as great budget - cost will be reduced based on the beauty of the nature, has attracted more brides to choose this season for their wedding. If the deeper and darker color palette is your preference, fall will be the best season for your big day!

Fall Wedding Colors 2023 emerald champagne and greenery

We will give you more ideas about fall wedding color palettes including classical and traditional burgundy, purple, wine, green etc. colors but also creative colors like blush, peach, grey etc. to inspire you!

all fall wedding color palettes

Wedding Colors in Spring

Spring is the most romantic time to hold a wedding since the warmer weather.It will be a great idea to tie the knot at this season. Are you looking for a great wedding color palette that is suitable for you wedding theme? Here are all spring wedding color scheme, which will give you more inspirations for your perfect big day!

Top 8 Spring Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 - Burgundy + Navy blue + Blush

There are so many color combination for spring especially the light hue of colors which looks stunning with the season. We have collected 40+ spring wedding color palettes for you!

all spring wedding color palettes

Wedding Colors in Summer

Summer is the most popular wedding season. With much warmer weather, you can hold your wedding outdoor and plan your honeymoon travelling. The most important thing is that summer is a colorful season. Couples will have a wide choice for seasonal flowers and wedding colors.

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Peach

Do not worry about your wedding color inspirations in summer. Herewe listed 20 great summer wedding color palettes ideas including popular colors of dusty rose, peach, pink, yellow, different shades of blue etc.. You must be inspired greatly from these color scheme.

all summer wedding color palettes

Wedding Colors in Winter

Although winter is not the traditional popular wedding time, it has some unique advantages that the other three seasons can not have. The fluttering snowflakes, fairy light and crackling of fire etc. will help you create stunning photos and make your wedding amazing. In addition, it will have a great availability of wedding venues and vendors which will enable you to save money. Take advantage of great weddign color to make your winter wedding colors not dull at all!

Winter Wedding Colors 2023 Ice Blue and Silver

Here we listed up some great winter wedding color palettes. Besides adding some metallic colors such as silver, gold, copper etc. to make the color bright, you can also incorporate some vivid and live colors such as green, ice blue, aqua etc. in to your winter wedding.

all winter wedding color combos

Blue Wedding Colors

A bride can not walk down the aisle without something old, something, something borrowed and something blue. This is one of the reasons why bride-to-be will consider blue as the wedding theme color. The blue color can be used in many wedding items such as blue bridesmaid dresses or some decorations in blue color.

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 french blue and cream

Blue is a large color family, and there are so many shades of blue such as popular navy blue, dusty blue, royal blue, ice blue or others. Since it ranges from pale to dark, you can find the prettiest shade according to the season of your wedding. Here we will introduce this color scheme in detail.

all blue wedding color palettes

Burgundy Wedding Colors

Burgundy is a classic wedding color especially in fall season. And it can also be used in other seasons when it combines with other wedding colors. No matter it is a main wedding color such as burgundy bridesmaid dresses, or just an accent color in wedding color, burgundy isn't going away anytime soon.

Best 8 Burgundy Wedding Theme Color Combos for 2023  - Burgundy + Gold

Here are 20 best burgundy wedding color palettes, from which you will know how to combine burgundy with other colors according to your wedding season and theme.

best burgundy wedding color palettes

Purple Wedding Colors

Purple, associated with royalty, elegance and regality, is one of the most popular wedding colors which is regarded to be a wedding color in fall such as dark purple of mauve, eggplant and royal purple etc. However, if you like purple too much and want to use it in other season, it is no problem. you can use light purple like lavender, lilac in spring or summer. Purple bridesmaid dresses will be flattering to white bridal gown.

best purple wedding color scheme for 2023 lilac and white

If you a purple color lover, here we give you different shades of purple wedding color which can be used in your own big event according to the season and your preference.

all purple wedding color palettes

Champagne Wedding Colors

Champagne is extremely elegant when done in the winter wedding world in the right way. Champagne color can be used in champagne bridesmaid dresses which are very appealing. It can be paired with many other wedding elements, such as navy blue scarfs, gold, champagne and navy blue wedding bouquets, navy blue groom and groomsmen suits with champagne ties, white and navy blue flower girl and ring bearers…

9 Gorgeous Navy Blue Winter Wedding Color Palettes - Navy Blue and Champagne

Coral Wedding Colors

Coral is a great color that can be paired with many other colors. When coral and green work together, it can be rustic and chic which is perfect for outdoor wedding. The leading girls in coral bridesmaid dresses standing aside the bride are so flattering. In addition to the bouquets and flower decorations in chair and wedding arch, there will bemore wedding ideas.

Top 8 Spring Wedding Color Palettes for 2019 - Coral and Green

Teal Wedding Color

Teal is the combination of blue and green. The cold color is great for fall and winter wedding. It can be paired with a warmer brown which can create a fresh and fun feeling. Bridesmaids in teal stood in front of the brown-brick church with soft yellow bouquets, what a sense of autumn! And your guests will love the dessert table with teal tablecloth and lots of delicious snacks served at the reception.

Blue Wedding - Teal Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Light Brown Decorations

Red Wedding Colors

Red is a large color family and dark red, as one of the dark hue, is both passionate and elegant. If you want an aristocratic wedding, the dark red and grey palette is your first choice. The dark red bridesmaid dresses and grey suits pair so well on the green lawn. The groom can also choose a dark red shirt or bow tie. And from cakes to centerpieces, dark red flowers and greenery are perfect for decoration.

trendy red wedding colors for 2023 burgundy and navy blue

Wine + Navy

Wine is a wonderful color combining red and purple which conveys passion and elegance. When it pairs with navy, it will be the first choice for fall weddings. Bride in white bridal gown, girls in wine bridesmaid dresses and groom and groomsmen in navy suits and wine ties, the color palette is so warm and inviting. You can also get more ideas on wedding flowers, cake, invitations, table decorations etc.

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Wine and Navy
wedding colors for all seasons and colors

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