As we all know, November is the last month of autumn. Getting married in November 2023 means working with colorful autumn leaves and putting warm earthly colors including rust, terra cotta, red, and orange, into your wedding elements. Blue, teal, and burgundy are also popular November wedding colors. All these colors can not only define November's fall season but are also perfect for a cozy autumn wedding celebration. Here we predict the top 8 November wedding color palettes in 2023, which will give you more inspiration.

Rust + Terra Cotta

Both rust and terra cotta are the warm earthly color that has been trending at weddings in recent years. This color combo will be a beautiful choice for a unique celebration. It will give a bohemian or rustic vibe to your November wedding in 2023. Let your girls try rust bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen in navy blue suits with rust ties. Arrange all the flowers in wedding centerpieces and wedding cakes in rust and terra cotta colors. Terra cotta wedding invitations and rust wedding décor evening lounge zone will be wonderful, too.

top 8 November wedding color Palettes for 2023 rust and terra cotta

Champagne + Navy + Brown

You will never go wrong with a champagne color scheme, especially for a November wedding in 2023. Champagne is the perfect neutral hue for the fall. Just add a bolder accent color like navy to turn things up a notch. And brown can be a great implement for champagne. These color palettes will give you a surprisingly stunning late autumn wedding. Use champagne bridesmaid dresses and a white bridal gown to match navy blue groomsmen's suits and ties. The flowers in wedding bouquets, sweetheart table centerpieces, and wedding arch can use orange and brown flowers and greenery. Navy blue bridesmaid robes and champagne bridal robes are a great choice, too.

top 8 November wedding color Palettes for 2023 champagne navy and brown

Maroon + Green

Maroon, the deep hue of red, is a classic and brilliant color for an autumn wedding, especially for fall weddings in the late month of November. It can work well with various other colors. And the green can make the maroon not too dull but give some vitality to your wedding. Leading girls can wear maroon bridesmaid dresses while the bride is in a white bridal gown with maroon shoes. Add greenery to maroon flowers in bouquets, wedding cake décor, and wedding centerpieces to keep this color palette balance. Junior groomsmen in maroon suits with white and green leaves corsage will look handsome, too.

top 8 November wedding color Palettes for 2023 maroon and green

Shades of Blue

Blue is a symbol of fidelity and faithfulness, so it is very popular in wedding colors. If you will hold your wedding in November 2023, you can use different shades of blue. Let your girls in navy blue bridesmaid dresses and dusty blue bridesmaid dresses flatter you, the honored bride! Use light blue, ice blue, dark blue, and navy blue in bouquets ribbons, wedding arch cloth, wedding tablecloth, wedding ring box, and wedding sofa.

top 8 November wedding color Palettes for 2023 shades of blue

Plum + Beige

A plum purple is an elegant wedding color in November weddings in 2023. When you are planning such a kind of wedding in late autumn, beige will be a good partner. Plum purple dresses are sure to look great on bridesmaids. Other wedding elements such as beige bridegroom suits, plum wedding tablecloth with beige flower pot decoration, beige wedding shoes, and plum and blush wedding flower bouquets will make this color scheme perfect.

top 8 November wedding color Palettes for 2023 plum and beige

Teal + Red + Orange

Teal, a mixture of blue and green, is another great fall look for your wedding. Adding red and orange accents can make them complement each other and look so stunning in November weddings in 2023. Consider teal bridesmaid dresses with red and orange floral bouquets, let groomsmen in navy suits with teal ties, deck your tables out with teal and orange tablecloths, and arrange flower décor in wedding cake and centerpieces in red and orange. This color combination is sure to impress your guests.

top 8 November wedding color Palettes for 2023 teal red and orange

Olive Green + White

Olive green, commonly-seen in autumn weddings, can not only work well with strong colors but also with light colors such as white. Olive green and white wedding in November 2023 will look very gentle and romantic. Bridesmaids in olive green dresses will look so flattering to the bride in a white bridal gown. All the floral décor in bouquets, wedding arch, wedding cake, and wedding aisle can be white flowers and greenery. Choose olive green wedding tablecloth, olive wedding stationery, and white wedding cake to make the wedding complete!

top 8 November wedding color Palettes for 2023 olive green and white

Mustard Yellow + Lavender

Mustard yellow, a darker yellow color, will make for a timeless autumn wedding look. You can add pops of lavender to increase some freshness and romance to your November wedding in 22023. All the elements such as bridesmaid dresses, as well as wedding cake, wedding invitation, wedding tablecloth, and wedding napkins, are mustard yellow. Just add some lavender flowers in the bouquets, flower decorations on the wedding cake, and the wedding table setting.

top 8 November wedding color Palettes for 2023 mustard yellow and lavender

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