As we approach the year 2025, the trend of May weddings continues to be a popular choice for couples planning their big day. With the promise of beautiful blooming flowers, warmer weather, and a fresh start to the season, May weddings offer the perfect backdrop for a romantic celebration. As we look ahead to 2025, we can expect to see a variety of stunning wedding color combinations to inspire couples as they plan their spring weddings. From soft pastel hues like pink, ice blue, peach, and coral to rich, bold shades such as royal blue, yellow, burgundy, dark green, and orange, there are endless possibilities to create a unique and elegant wedding palette for the upcoming spring season.

Silver Pink + Beryl Green

Silver pink and beryl green, a soft and romantic pairing with a whimsical and elegant vibe, will be a stunning color combination for May wedding color combos in 2025. The mismatched silver pink dresses and beryl green bridesmaid dresses will add a touch of modernity to the bridal party, while the grey bridegroom suit with a beryl green tie and silver pink boutonniere will complement the overall color scheme. Incorporating silver pink and white flowers into the centerpieces and ceremony arch will tie the whole look together, creating a cohesive and beautiful aesthetic. The beryl green wedding napkins will add a pop of color to the table settings, while the beryl green wedding cake with silver pink cream flower décor will be a show-stopping focal point at the reception.

Top 8 May Wedding Color Combos for 2025 - Silver Pink + Beryl Green

Ice Blue + Orange + Pink

The combination of ice blue, orange and pink is a perfect choice for May wedding color combos in 2025. This harmonious blend creates a soft yet vibrant palette that is ideal for a romantic and whimsical spring wedding. For a wedding with this color scheme, consider ice blue bridesmaid dresses paired with navy blue groomsmen suits and ice blue ties accented with orange and pink flower boutonnieres. Incorporate orange and pink florals throughout the wedding decor, including bouquets, centerpieces, and even the wedding cake decorations. To tie the look together, include touches of ice blue in the wedding cake design and aisle chair decorations.

Top 8 May Wedding Color Combos for 2025 - Ice Blue + Orange + Pink

Royal Blue + Pink

Royal blue and pink is a classic and elegant color combination that is great for a May wedding in 2025. This color combination is versatile and can be used for a variety of wedding styles, from romantic to modern. Royal blue bridesmaid dresses paired with a royal blue bridegroom suit and a pink tie with a white flower boutonniere would be a stunning choice. The bridal bouquet could feature a mix of white and pink flowers, adding a touch of softness to the royal blue and pink color scheme. To incorporate these colors into other wedding elements, consider a white wedding cake dotted with royal blue ribbons and pink flowers for a beautiful and cohesive look. For centerpieces, opt for royal blue vases filled with pink flowers to tie the whole theme together.

Top 8 May Wedding Color Combos for 2025 - Royal Blue + Pink

Burgundy + Pink

Burgundy and pink create a beautiful and romantic color combo for May weddings in 2025. This elegant pairing is perfect for a classic and sophisticated wedding style. Burgundy bridesmaid dresses paired with a burgundy bridegroom suit accented with a pink floral tie and square pocket create a cohesive and stylish bridal party look. For décor, consider a white and burgundy wedding cake adorned with burgundy and pink flowers for a stunning focal point. Incorporate burgundy and pink flower arrangements with greenery for ceremony arch décor and centerpieces to tie the color scheme throughout the venue. Complete the look with burgundy wedding ring boxes for a subtle and elegant touch.

Top 8 May Wedding Color Combos for 2025 - Burgundy + Pink

Coral + Peach

Coral and peach are a perfect combination for May wedding color combos in 2025. These soft and romantic colors are ideal for a spring wedding with a whimsical and elegant style. Coral bridesmaid dresses and a white bridal gown complement each other beautifully, while grey bridegroom suits with coral square pockets and peach boutonnieres add a touch of sophistication. To incorporate these colors into your wedding elements, consider using coral, peach, and white flowers for bouquets, centerpieces, and aisle chair décor. These colors will create a cohesive and charming look throughout your wedding venue, tying in the overall theme and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your special day.

Top 8 May Wedding Color Combos for 2025 - Coral + Peach

Dark Green + Pink

Dark green and pink is a beautiful and sophisticated color combo for May wedding color combos for 2025. This combination exudes elegance and romance, making it perfect for a classic or vintage-style wedding. Dark green bridesmaid dresses paired with a white bridal gown create a stunning contrast, while the dark green bridegroom suit with a pink tie and white flower boutonniere adds a touch of charm. To enhance this color palette, incorporate dark green wedding tablecloths adorned with pink flower and candles centerpieces and napkins. A dark green wedding cake with peach flowers can serve as a stunning focal point, while dark green table number cards and wedding ring boxes tie the theme together beautifully.

Top 8 May Wedding Color Combos for 2025 - Dark Green + Pink

Yellow + White

Yellow and white are a classic and timeless color combination for May weddings in 2025. This color pairing is fresh, bright, and cheerful, making it ideal for a spring celebration. Yellow bridesmaid dresses paired with a white bridal gown create a stunning and cohesive look for the bridal party. The groom can wear a grey suit with a striped yellow tie and a white flower boutonniere to tie in the yellow and white color scheme. Incorporate yellow and white into your wedding décor with a white and yellow wedding cake adorned with yellow flower decorations. A yellow wedding table runner can add a pop of color to your reception tables, while yellow and white flower centerpieces can beautifully tie the color palette together.

Top 8 May Wedding Color Combos for 2025 - Yellow + White

Orange + Yellow

The combination of orange and yellow bring warmth and energy to any wedding celebration. They are ideal for couples who want to create a cheerful and sunny atmosphere on their special day. Incorporate playful details like citrus fruits in the centerpiece, bright orange bridesmaid dresses, a white bridal gown paired with an orange bridegroom suit and yellow shirt. To bring out the beauty of orange and yellow, consider using these colors in your floral arrangement. Opt for flowers and greenery in shades of orange and yellow for your ceremony arch, wedding table centerpieces, and bouquets. And don't forget about the wedding cake! A decadent chocolate cake with orange cream accents is a delicious way to incorporate the orange and yellow color palette into your wedding dessert.

Top 8 May Wedding Color Combos for 2025 - Orange + Yellow

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