Boho weddings are beautiful and totally unique. If woven décor elements, overflowing florals, and an abundance of drapery are your siren song, then a boho wedding might be the key to your heart. Besides a wedding style, more to a boho wedding is the popular wedding colors. We here pick up 8 popular boho wedding colors of 2024 for your inspiration: Orange, green, burgundy, rust, tangerine, blush, neutral and white style. Follow the color guide and may it can help you decorate your boho wedding in 2024.


If you’re looking to plan the perfect sunset themed wedding with bohemian details and warm hues of orange and yellow, then this blog post can inspire you today. The orange bridesmaid dresses, burnt orange wedding archway flowers, and silk, bohemian blanket, simple tiered naked cake covered in greenery and dougnuts with a touch of red little flowers are ideal for a romantic boho wedding.

Top 8 Boho Wedding Colors for 2024 - Orange


There's a wildness and laid-back freedom at the core of all things bohemian. Nothing says it better than green. Green bridesmaid dresses, as well as orange flowers and sage greenery pair with bouquets and ceterpieces for some chic indie vibes. A true boho display is all about the right mix of colors and textures, and this arrangement pulls it off perfectly.

Top 8 Boho Wedding Colors for 2024 - Green


Bohemian weddings are all about channeling effortless, elegant style. The elegance of burgundy bridesmaid dresses paired with navy blue groomsmen suits, champagne wedding shoes and dark red flowers and greenery bouquets — evokes a free-spirited nature.

Top 8 Boho Wedding Colors for 2024 - Burgundy


At this outdoor ceremony, the expansive and scenic landscape of the couple’s venue proved to be the perfect backdrop to their bohemian wedding. The greenery and bare wooden textures blend in seamlessly with that breathtaking rust bridesmaid dresses.

Top 8 Boho Wedding Colors for 2024 - Rust


Pampas grass can instantly add a bohemian touch to your wedding festivities. The minimal ceremony décor helps to highlight the uniqueness of the wedding archway design. Tangerine flowers on the cake, tangerine wedding napkins on the table, and tangerine bridesmaid dresses liven up the Bohemian wedding.

Top 8 Boho Wedding Colors for 2024 - Tangerine


More and more bohemian brides are using unique color palettes in their wedding. The combination of blush and yellow can give your boho wedding a soft and feminine look. Blush bridesmaid dresses, and naked cake covered in blush and yellow flowers, navy blue groomsmen suits…

Top 8 Boho Wedding Colors for 2024 - Blush


A beautiful arrangement of tropical florals, chandeliers, and wedding arch in neutral color come together to create a cool bohemian set up for a destination wedding. Add some subtle hints of orange to finish off the cool ceremony look.

Top 8 Boho Wedding Colors for 2024 - Neutral


There's nothing quite like the billowing of white, gauzy fabrics to hit all those beloved boho summertime notes. White bridesmaid dresses, as well as white pampas grass, naked wedding cake with greenery decor and white reception table runners…

Top 8 Boho Wedding Colors for 2024 - White

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