Blue, one of the most timeless and versatile wedding colors, is the perfect choice for your wedding color palettes. As for brides who are getting married in 2023, we collect the top 8 blue wedding color schemes from light shades of blue like ice blue and dusty blue to midnight hues of the blue like French Blue and slate blue, from the bright hue of blue such as royal blue to deep navy blue, etc. All these blue color schemes for 2023 will give you more ideas no matter what your wedding season is.

Turquoise Blue + Sunflower

Looking for turquoise and sunflower wedding ideas? We love this color combination. The cool look of turquoise blue mixed with the brightness of sunflower is perfect for a summer or fall wedding. Turquoise bridesmaid dresses, paired with sunflower bouquets, white bridal gown and grey groom attire, what a gorgeous wedding! The following pics can serve as inspiration as you choose this stunning wedding color palette.

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 Turquoise Blue and Sunflower

Light Blue + Blush

Light blue is one of the most favorite color for spring or summer weddings. Light blue and blush, these two colors are contrasting and look classic together: the girls dressed in light blue bridesmaid dresses, hold bouquets of blush flowers, and wedding shoes, wedding centerpiece and so on in both colors…

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 Light Blue and Blush

Ice Blue + Peach

Modern and elegant, cool-toned ice blue weddings are in style and on-trend, especially for spring and summer weddings. Ice blue and peach color combos will create a youthful and fresh wedding. Ladies in ice blue bridesmaid dresses will greatly flatter the bride in a white bridal gown. No matter babies in peach dresses are so lovely. Also, incorporate peach color in wedding flower centerpieces and bridal shoes. A wedding ring in an ice blue box and an ice blue wedding garter are also a great compliment. The ice blue and peach color schemes are perfect for any forward-thinking bride.

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 ice blue and peach

Dusty Blue + Light Pink

Dusty blue, dreamy, ethereal, and romantic, is easy to coordinate with lots of other hues. Because this color can flatter every skin tone. Whether you’re planning to have a rustic wedding, a grand celebration, or a beach wedding in 2023, dusty blue can be used as your key wedding color. When dusty blue pairs with light pink, the color schemes work well even with every style and theme. It almost goes without saying that if dusty blue is your wedding color, you’ll want your girls to wear dusty blue bridesmaid dresses. All the floral decorations in wedding cakes, bridal bouquets, wedding centerpieces can use light pink and white flowers. Groomsmen in white suits with dusty blue ties will be also a great choice. Never forget to choose wedding invitations with dusty blue covers.

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 dusty blue and light pink

French Blue + Cream

French blue is a beautiful smokey and grey blue that looks very romantic and amazing. When it pairs with cream, the color scheme is elegant and fascinating. It is suitable for fall weddings in 2023. The bride in cream gown and bridesmaids in French blue dresses and cream scarfs will be a beautiful beautiful scenery at the wedding. To match with the ladies, the bridegroom and groomsmen can wear grey suits with French blue ties. All the wedding elements such as wedding cake, wedding drinkware and napkins, wedding invitations, and wedding bouquets can use these two colors balanced.

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 french blue and cream

Slate Blue + Green + White

Slate blue, a color combination between light gray and a muted blue or periwinkle tone, tends to the cooler end of the color spectrum. If you want to use slate blue in your 2023 wedding, just use green and white to balance its coolness. While bridesmaids are in slate blue dresses, the bride can wear a glamorous white gown. Use white flower and greenery leaves to decorate your wedding table centerpieces, bridal bouquets, wedding ring box, etc. As to the robes, you can also choose the slate blue color for the bridesmaid robes and the white color for the bride robe.

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 slate blue green and white

Royal Blue + Coral

Royal blue is a classic color for weddings, and brides have stayed away from looking for something different and unique over the years, but as with most trend cycles, this trendy blue hue is returning with a vengeance. Royal blue and coral can create a contrasting visual effect to make your weddings in 2023 graceful and unforgettable. No matter the royal blue bridesmaid dresses or coral wedding invitations, or wedding cake dotted with white and coral flowers, or wedding table settings of royal blue vases and coral and white flower décor, or wedding plates with blue and white porcelain are good expression of this color combos.

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 royal blue and coral

Teal Blue + Burgundy + Orange

Teal is a dark blue-green color. It is a moderate greenish blue. It will be perfect to pair teal blue with burgundy and orange if you plan to hold your 2023 wedding in the fall season. You will never go wrong to let your leading girls in teal blue bridesmaid dresses and your bridegroom in a light grey suit with a teal blue tie and a teal blue pocket square. The tablecloth, napkins, and table decorative candles can use the teal color. All the flower décor on the wedding table, wedding arch, wedding cake, and wedding invitation printing can be burgundy and orange flowers.

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 teal blue burgundy and orange

Tiffany Blue + Gray + Coral

There is no more iconic color than Tiffany Blue which will instantly evoke a sense of glamour, luxury, and excitement. It will be not a bad choice to choose tiffany blue as the main color of your wedding in 2023. Pair tiffany blue with gray and coral, the color scheme is very stunning. The bride is in a white bridal gown standing in the middle of the bridesmaids in tiffany blue dresses,very eye-catching. The groomsmen in gray suits and tiffany blue ties can well match the girls. Gray wave striped wedding tablecloth, tiffany blue wedding table number card frame, coral and white flowers tied with tiffany blue ribbons, as well as tiffany blue plates and cups, etc. will make this color palette perfect!

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 tiffany blue gray and coral

Navy Blue + Burgundy

Navy blue is a popular color for fall weddings and winter weddings, especially when incorporated into a color palette of burgundy. This color scheme will never go out fashion in your 2023 weddings. Use burgundy bouquets for bridesmaid in navy blue dresses and the bride in white gown. This principle also applies to the groomsmen. Let them wear burgundy tie to match the navy blue suits. The wedding cake dotted with strawberry and blueberry, a burgundy wedding direction sign, also navy blue wedding napkins and burgundy flower centerpieces will work well in this color palette

top 8 blue wedding color schemes for 2023 navy blue and burgundy

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