Not only can a winter wedding be a little easier on your wallet, it also comes with a uniqueness that is unmatched by weddings in other seasons. The colder months make having a black tie dress code painless, so if you want an elegant, sophisticated wedding the winter might be a perfect fit. The colors we can choose for winter weddings are ever-expanding, from the classical festive favorites to variations on burgundy, black, blue, emerald green, browns,etc.If you’re saying “I do”s in winter, read on for some in-vogue color combs to really wow your guests!

Emerald Green + Gold

The richness and glamour of an emerald green and gold wedding color palette makes for a theme that is enchanting and captivating. In selecting the color emerald green for your wedding you’ve made a remarkably symbolic choice. Have you bridesmaids dressed in emerald green, black men's suit matched with emerald green tie, and incorporating your wedding colors into your table setting and wedding cakes…Continue below to whet your imagination and explore enchanting possibilities to create the emerald and gold wedding of your dream!

Winter Wedding Colors 2022 Emerald Green and Gold

Black + White + Green

While wedding trends change every year, there’s something so classic about a black and white wedding. It’s a color scheme that is simple, yet timeless and never goes out of style and is both elegant and contemporary. From white bridal gown and black men's suit to white and green wedding bouquet, from black bridesmaid dresses and white shawls to black wedding cake there’s a bit of everything…

Winter Wedding Colors 2022 Black White and Green

Brown + White

Brown hues always reminds us of the rustic and vintage weddings. It is the color of burlap ,wood crates, wood stumps and many other natural rustic elements. Compared with white, it is one of the easiest wedding color for brides. Such as white bridal gown, brown bridesmaid dresses, black men's suit with brown tie and orange boutonniere, brown and orange florals with green leaves wedding bouquet, cinnamon stick candles…

Winter Wedding Colors 2022 Brown and White

Burgundy + Navy

Burgundy and navy is the perfect color combination for fall or winter wedding because of the deep shade. Be sure to pair it with either white or blush to really show off its rich coloring. From burgundy bridesmaid dresses to navy men's suit, wedding cake and wedding bouquet. Find your favourite elements so you can infuse both colors into your special day!

Winter Wedding Colors 2022 Burgundy and Navy

Ice Blue + Silver

For a frosty and fabulous color palette, consider an ice blue & silver wedding. When done right, this combo can be amazingly beautiful. They’re also extremely easy to accessorize with your white gown. I’m loving these ice blue bridesmaid dress details, classy & fesitive blue and silver winter wedding invitations, silver glasses, embellished cake, and other crystal details and you’ve got a healthy dose of glam. Ice blue and silver is a modern take on the classic princess wedding palette. It’s a new favorite of mine for sure!

Winter Wedding Colors 2022 Ice Blue and Silver

Red + Green + White

It is such a wonderful idea to have a cozy christmas theme wedding to share your warmth and love with each other in the cold winter season. The white bridal gown and red bridesmaids dresses are just right for this season. Amazing designs with candles, pine cones, ornaments, and wood slices can add festive vibes to your wedding decor. Black men's suit with ice blue tie and red boutonniere, white wedding cake with red and green decorations, red wedding invitation…Whether you are looking forward to a white Christmas wedding or a colorful affair, there are many fascinating ideas that you can incorporate into your decoration.

Winter Wedding Colors 2022 red green and white

Blue + White

Blue and white: classic, clean and crisp. This duo is always on trend--and modern! It can be seen as nautical or extremely elegant and works in any season. White bridal gown, blue bridesmaids dresses and white wedding bouquets, white and blue wedding cake and wedding invitations…all of these results in a cohesive look from the bridal party to the décor. You have the makings of a fabulous winter wedding color palette.

Winter Wedding Colors 2022 blue and white

Sage Green + Gold

When it comes to picking trending wedding colors for your big day, sage green wedding colors are all the hype right now. It is such a classic neutral wedding color that gives you the opportunity to bring nature easily into your wedding, sage green bridesmaids dresses and brown shawls, sage green men's suit, white wedding invitation, dripped sage green and gold wedding cake, sage green napkin, gold tablewear…See sage green and gold wedding color combination below and bring your unique wedding look to life.

Winter Wedding Colors 2022 sage green and gold

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