If you're planning a fall wedding, the number of color combinations are endless. In addition to your favorites, find inspiration from the leaves changing and seasonality around you. Cooler temperatures inspire autumnal shades of warm vanilla, sage and cherry. We've created 8 unique fall wedding color palettes to help you pick the best for your season and style. With your fall colors in mind, use it as a guide for everything from wedding party attire, table decor to cake flavors to the tiniest reception details.

Black + Burgundy

Black and burgundy palette is a super chic option for fall brides, it's so unique, which started to appear more and more often in the wedding decor. Girls choose black bridesmaid dresses while holding burgundy bouquets, the groom may go for a black suit with burgundy tie and boutonniere. Decorate the table in black and burgundy: rock candles of these colors, burgundy florals, black tableware and add touches of gold for a more refined look.

Fall Wedding Color combos for 2020- Black + Burgundy

Burnt Orange + Green

Burnt orange and green is the perfect color palette for a fall wedding, it brings your wedding a little closer to nature. Burnt orange can make an appearance in a multitude of ways into your wedding design, from the burnt orange bridesmaid dresses, wedding bouquets, to the wedding cake, floral and invitation. This is super cosy look which would work perfectly with an outdoor rustic wedding.

Fall Wedding Color combos for 2020- Burnt Orange + Green

Dusty Rose + Navy

Dusty rose and navy blue can be really a good color combination for a fall wedding. Thinking about the romance and sweetness they make is exciting enough. Bridesmaids in navy and dusty rose mix-match dresses, groomsmen in navy blue suits with dusty rose ties or boutonniere can be a pecfect match. In other ways, dusty rose and navy invitation and bouquet, navy wedding cake with dusty tose flowers. They will look striking and attractive on your wedding.

Fall Wedding Color combos for 2020- Dusty Rose + Navy

Lilac + Dark Red

Soft lilac and dark red create a rich yet delicate colour palette combination that is nothing short of perfection. Think about your girls dressed in lilac bridesmaid dresses, and dark red bouquets wraped with lilac sash, while the groomsmen in black suit with lilac tie and boutonniere. The tabletop was magnificently decorated with gold flatware, soft lilac tablecloth, lilac, ivory and dark red centerpieces. No doubt that your guests will be falling in love with the lilac and dark red themed wedding.

Fall Wedding Color combos for 2020- Lilac + Dark Red

Maroon + Purple

This moody mix of maroon and purple is well suited for an elegant evening celebration or a fall wedding. Both colors evoke richness and pair beautifully with a gold or silver metallic. Consider purple and maroon bridesmaid dresses, also a grey suit with maroon tie and boutonniere for groom. For the table setting, pired them with gold accent will add an element of glamour to your big day!

Fall Wedding Color combos for 2020- Maroon + Purple

Navy Blue + Yellow

The bold combination of navy blue and yellow perfectly compliments a rustic or barn fall wedding. The yellow accent gives the overall wedding decor a brightened ambiance. Dress your girls in navy blue bridesmaid dresses, while groom or groomsmen can try wearing a grey tuxedo with a navy blue tie. To give a more rustic feel, use sunflowers in bouquets and floral arrangements. The combo adds a glow to even a night time reception.

Fall Wedding Color combos for 2020- Navy Blue + Yellow

Purple + Gold

Purple has been a popular and beloved wedding color for several decades. Purple is the color that is able to bring a great feeling of regal elegance and beauty to your wedding. To give elegant touch, gold is an appropriate color to use. Dressing your girls in purple bridesmaid dresses will look stunning. The groom can go for a grey suit with purple tie and gold boutonniere. You can use gold tableware and purple napkin to decorate the tabletop. This will create a very dramatic and royal looking wedding table, and the metallic gold will also help to keep the purple from being overwhelming.

Fall Wedding Color combos for 2020- Purple + Gold

Purple + Orange

A very dramatic color combination, purple and orange is absolutely captivating. Floral arrangements with color schemes for fall weddings like seasonal purple, orange and green flowers seem perfect. Girls enrobed in purple bridesmaid dresses and orange bouquets look elegantly graceful. This palette also can be used in wedding cake, table decor and centerpieces.

Fall Wedding Color combos for 2020- Purple + Orange

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Fall wedding color combos for 2020

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