What better time to have a wedding than spring? Spring is a time for rebirth, for new beginnings, and for brighter days, which has great meaning for weddings. In addition, there are many beautiful blooms in this season. And you can arrange pastel color schemes with bright and soft colors to celebrate your romantic events. Here we collected some ideas on spring wedding colors for 2022 and hope they will help you.

Yellow + Pink + Purple

A cheerful yellow and pink color palette will create a cohesive wedding. If you want your spring wedding to be also elegant, just add a touch of purple color to the color scheme. To arrange some girls in yellow bridesmaid dresses and others in pink. These two happy and positive colors will make you feel warm. To use these color palettes in the elegant invitation suites, wedding arch, boutonnieres, wedding cake, and reception centerpieces.

Spring Wedding Colors 2022 yellow pink and purple

Emerald + Gold + Pink

If you want a traditional, elegant spring wedding at the core, but with a modern, personal twist, it will be great to choose an emerald, gold, and pink color scheme. You can make your bridesmaids wear green dresses while your Matrons of Honor in sparkly gold. And wedding tables with green tablecloth, gold wedding plate and blush pink centerpieces look so harmonious. You can dress your lovely flower girls in white and pink dresses. The emerald earrings with gold frames are so stunning for the bride to wear to match with the girls standing aside you.

Spring Wedding Colors 2022 Emerald Gold and Pink

Light Blue + Coral + Yellow

Although light blue seems a little bit gloomy, you cannot miss it since it is the tradition for weddings to have something blue. When light blue pairs with coral and yellow, they reach a great balance which can not only show the grace of your wedding but also the passion of the couples. Just remember to keep good proportions for the three colors. When you let your bridesmaids in light blue dresses, you can make coral and yellow floral arrangements for bouquets, wedding cakes, and centerpieces. When you design the light blue cover for the invites suits, you don't forget to add coral table runners for the sweetheart tables.

Spring Wedding Colors 2022 Light Blue Coral and Yellow

Coral + Peach + Sage

Coral and peach are two wonderful colors to express passion and enthusiasm for spring weddings. Adding sage to the two colors, it becomes more elegant and appealing. Your leading girls with coral dresses and peach dresses will seem different yet harmonious. Flowers in bouquets, centerpieces and the walking aisles can fully use of coral and peach color. The wedding tablecloth, table runner, cookies shelf, and drinks can choose a sage color.

Spring Wedding Colors 2022 Coral Peach and Sage Green

Fuschia + Turquoise + Gold

Fuchsia is traditionally a summer color, however, many brides are pairing it turquoise and gold which makes it perfect for a spring wedding! Bridesmaids in fuschia dresses looks so bright. Apply the colors in the details of your wedding elements such as wedding arch with turquoise cloth and fuschia and pink flowers, wedding table with turquoise tablecloth, gold plate and fuschia napkin, wedding table cards in colors of fuschia pink and turquoise blue, as well as gold wedding shoes.

Spring Wedding Colors 2022 Fuschia Turquoise and Gold

Lilac + Lavender + White

If you especially like purple which is the typical fall wedding color, you can choose its light hue, like lilac and lavender. And add white to the color scheme to make your wedding be romantic and pure. Not only let your bridesmaids in lavender dresses and lilac dresses, but also dress your flower girls in these two colors. Make full use of the colors in your wedding cakes, table runners, macaroons, ring as well as wedding direction sign or wedding welcome sign.

Spring Wedding Colors 2022 Lilac Lavender and White

Black + White + Pink

Want to have a classic wedding? There is no better choice for the two classic colors of weddings - black and white. Considering the wedding will be held in spring, you can add pink colors to balance its dullness. The girls in black dresses stand surround the bride in a white bridal gown that will flatter the bride very well. Groomsmen and the groom in black suits with white shirts will ideally match with bride and bridesmaids. All the floral arrangements in wedding cakes, centerpieces, and wedding backdrops can choose pink and white colors.

Spring Wedding Colors 2022 Black White and Pink

Dusty Blue + Peach + Greenery

Dusty blue is a popular color that has been popular recently. You can choose this color with peach and greenery for your spring wedding. The bride wears a white bridal gown and dusty blue shoes while bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses and white shoes. They look so complete. Peach, white, and hints of dusty blue flowers in wedding cake, bouquets, wedding arch, and centerpieces look so amazing and stunning. Peach-colored invites with dusty blue ribbons are wonderful, too.

Spring Wedding Color Combos for 2022 Dusty Blue Peach and Greenery

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