Green is one of those wedding colors that is more and more welcomed in recent years. Whether you prefer the dark and dramatic shade of green such as emerald and hunter, or you like more subtle and light hues of green like sage and mint. Here we listed the best 8 green wedding theme ideas for 2023 which will show how versatile the color is. They are not only one of the few colors that looks good year-round, but also work for nearly every wedding style, from classic weddings to romantic or rustic weddings in the countryside. You will get inspired for your own big day with these green wedding color ideas.

Green + Hot Pink

Hot pink, representing optimism, joy and cheer, is one of the most perfect color in summer weddings, especially combining with green. Bridesmaids in green dresses and white bride with hot pink bouquet will be flattered greatly. Wedding centerpieces in this color combos look so hot and gorgeous. Also decorate your wedding ceremony with green and hot pink!

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 green and hot pink

Green + Orange

Cool green and vibrant orange are the perfect colors for a summer or fall wedding. The vibrant orange will make the green color more standing out. You maybe inspired by the color palette, such as green bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown and orange wedding bouquets, green and orange table runners, jars with green and orange flowers to decorate your wedding ceremony…

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 green and orange

Sage Green

Fresh, gentle, sophisticated, and relaxing, sage green is one of the few colors that look good all year round and works well with almost any wedding style. It will be popular in 2023 weddings if you want a green wedding theme. Natural shades give you the opportunity to bring nature to your big day with beautiful flowers and foliage, from your sage bridesmaid dresses to bridal bouquets, from wedding table decorations to your groomsmen's ties, from wedding plates to wedding cakes. So get inspired for your big day with these sage green wedding ideas.

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 sage green

Emerald Green

Emerald green is a showstopping color for weddings that is because it can add a fresh, earthy feel or a glamorous, sophisticated vibe. Emerald green for wedding attire is a gorgeous idea. It will give your gals a chic look, such as emerald dresses for bridesmaids, emerald green ties, and black suits for the groom. Emerald green wedding invites, white and emerald wedding cake, and emerald napkins in black wedding plates will be stunning for the emerald green wedding theme in 2023.

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 emerald green

Mint Green

Mint green is a soft shade of green. It is perfect for a spring or summer wedding in 2023. Bridesmaids in mint green dresses and the bride in a white bridal gown will look refreshing and timeless. To match them, the bridegroom and groomsmen can wear beige vest, white shirt with sage tie and pocket square. And the wedding cake, wedding invitations, wedding direction sign and wedding napkins in sage green look amazing for your sage green wedding theme in 2023.

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 mint green

Hunter Green

Hunter green, a natural and glamorous color, can create a beautiful and dramatic wedding effect when it is used as the theme. Close to emerald green, hunter green will give a luxurious tone to your wedding. It is a better option to use this gorgeous color to maximize everything from wedding napkins to wedding rings box, from wedding attires to cabinet supporting wedding cake. And Hunter green bridesmaid dresses are good examples.

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 hunter green

Olive Green

If you need a soft yet elegant wedding for your green wedding themes in 2023, olive green will be the best choice. That is because it can create an incredible combination of warm and inviting tones. Consider olive bridesmaid dresses and olive green groomsmen's ties and black suits. And olive leopard bridesmaid robes will look extremely fashionable. For matching the olive green wedding colors, olive wedding tablecloth, invitations and napkins are a recommendation.

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 olive green

Teal Green

Teal green, partially blue and partially green, symbolizes spiritual and mental balance in its calming nature. When it pairs with coral, it can really work well and leave your guests in awesome. Teal green bridesmaid dresses will give you a luxurious feeling. You can use teal wedding tablecloth, and white and coral flowers as wedding centerpieces, decorate the teal wedding cake with coral flowers and print the wedding invitations with coral and teal flowers. Teal wedding shoes and ring boxes are great, too!

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 teal green

Peacock Green

Peacock green is one of those colors that looks lovely whenever the season. So if you are a bride who always wants your wedding to be different than your average, everyday wedding, a peacock green theme will be the best important. From the elegant peacock bridesmaid dresses down to the peacock and white wedding candle decorations on the table, from lovely peacock green sweetheart chairs signs to amazing white wedding cake dotted with greenery and men in navy suits and peacock ties, all these will have you inspired to create a classy wedding.

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 peacock green

Dark Green

Dark green is not often chosen for weddings. But dark green is really a romantic wedding color for your big day. If you are planning your green wedding themes in 2023, you can try dark green. Girls in dark green dresses standing aside you will greatly flatter you, honored bride! Complete other details such as wedding invitation suite, bridal shoes, wedding cake, and groomsmen's tie in dark green hue to create a regal, luxurious and royal vibe for your wedding!

best 8 green wedding themes for 2023 dark green

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