Summer is the most popular wedding season for the following reasons. 1. With the weather becomes warmer, you can host your wedding outdoors and there will be more person attend. 2. Summer is a colorful season, and you will have a wide choice of wedding colors and seasonal flowers. 3. Honeymoon travelling is easier in summer. If you are planning your own summer wedding in 2024, here we listed 20 great summer wedding color palettes ideas including popular colors of dusty rose, peach, pink, yellow, different shades of blue etc.. You must be inspired greatly from these color schemes. And Wedding Colors in All Seasons and Colors will tell you how to use popular colors in spring, fall and winter besides summer.

Dusty Rose + Emerald Green

Dusty rose, as an elegant pink color hue, has become more and more popular in recent years. It will make your summer wedding in 2024 romantic and fascinating. On the basis of dusty rose bridesmaid dresses, dusty rose flowers on the white wedding cake, and dusty rose wedding napkins, you can add emerald color to make your wedding full of vitality. You can make your bridegroom in an emerald suit, put an emerald green tablecloth on the wedding table, and design an emerald cover for your wedding invitation suite, which will give you a Retro and special wedding.

great 8 summer wedding color palettes for 2024 dusty rose and emerald green

Gold + Hot Pink + Green

Why not choose a seaside wedding for your summer wedding of 2024? Both tropical green and enthusiastic hot pink will be the best wedding color for the wedding venue. To make your wedding be more gorgeous, you can choose gold bridesmaid dresses for your leading girls. All the floral including bouquets, wedding arch décor, wedding photo backdrop even the wedding invitation suites can be hot pink flowers and tropical leaves. The wedding ring in a hot pink box will be shimming, too!

great 8 summer wedding color palettes for 2024 gold hot pink and green

Ice Blue + Navy + White

If you do not want your summer beach wedding in 2024 to be bold but something graceful, you can choose an ice blue, navy, and white color combo. Both the bride in a white bridal gown and the bridesmaids in ice blue dresses can hold white flower bouquets to make the wedding more pure and holy. To match them, the groomsmen can wear navy suits with ice-blue ties and flower girls can wear little white dresses with ice-blue floral crowns. You can cover the wedding table with white wedding tablecloth and put white wedding chairs surrounding the tables. You can mix white and blue colors in both wedding table setting signs and wedding invitations.

great 8 summer wedding color palettes for 2024 ice blue navy and white

Mauve + Champagne

There is an elegant and romantic wedding color that is very popular in summer beach weddings. It is an undoubled mauve color that will make all aspects of your wedding great, from mauve bridesmaid dresses, and wedding invitations with mauve covers, to a wedding rings in a mauve box. Pair mauve with another neutral and muted color, champagne, which will make this pretty tint shine in your wedding. The bridegroom and groomsmen in champagne suits, wedding aisle champagne chairs on the beach and the wedding cake dotted with shells are so stunning.

great 8 summer wedding color palettes for 2024 mauve and champagne

Peach + White + Green

Sweet but delicate, the color peach is a great wedding color for an outdoor summer wedding in 2024. When it pairs with classic white and greenery, it will give you a fresh, modern, and glorious wedding memory. Let your bridesmaids in peach dresses hold white and greenery bouquets and the bride in a classical white bridal gown. The bridegroom in a peach flower and greenery corsage looks very sophisticated too. You can decorate your peach wedding arch with white flowers and greenery, arrange peach napkins, white wedding tablecloth, white flower, and greenery centerpieces and make a peach wedding cake and peach wedding invitation covers.

great 8 summer wedding color palettes for 2024 peach white and green

Navy Blue + Yellow

Navy blue is always regarded to be a wedding color in fall or winter. But when it combines with bright yellow, it can be used in your summer wedding of 2024. The yellow and white bouquets will make your bridesmaids in navy blue dresses active and passionate. The groomsmen can wear gray suits with yellow ties. Make yellow flowers to decorate your wedding table and wedding table number card, arrange navy blue napkins, print wedding invites with lemon images and decorate the wedding cake with yellow lemon to make your summer wedding to be more summery.

great 8 summer wedding color palettes for 2024 navy blue and yellow

Pink + Coral + Orange

Summer weddings should be bright and colorful. Putting all the bright colors pink, coral and orange together will also create a great wedding for you! The bridesmaids in mismatched pink dresses, coral dresses, and orange dresses are so attractive and fascinating. All the flowers in bouquets, wedding cake décor, centerpieces, and wedding invitations can be a mixture of pink and orange flowers. Choose a pair of hot pink slippers for the bride in a white bridal gown. And the bridegroom can wear a hot pink bowtie and corsage.

great 8 summer wedding color palettes for 2024 pink coral and orange

Sage + Orange + Fuschia

The sage orange and Fuschia color scheme will make your wedding gorgeous and minimalist. You can decorate your wedding arch, wedding cake, and wedding ceiling with orange and Fuschia flowers and sage leaves. So romantic! The bridesmaids in sage green dresses are also holding bouquets of orange and Fuschia flowers. And the bridegroom looks so handsome with a sage tie and orange flower corsage. I am sure you will love the natural and rustic elements of this subtle choice of colors.

great 8 summer wedding color palettes for 2024 sage orange and fuschia

Cornflower Blue + Peach

Want your summer wedding be unique and impressive? The color combos of cornflower blue and peach is a bit different from others for its elegance and coolness and perfect for summer wedding. The flowers of table centerpieces, bouquets and in wedding invites in this color palette look so stunning. Click on the image below to see more details including wedding dresses, flowers, invites, table decorations, cakes etc.on this color palettes.

8 Fresh Summer Wedding Color Palettes and ideas for 2019 - Cornflower Blue and Peach

Sage Green + White

If there is a color for summer wedding, green will be the first to choose. Among so many hues, sage green is a soft, neutral and bold color that can pair it with other lighter shades, such as white. You can never make a mistake with sage green and white on your wedding. Dressing your bridesmaids in sage green with white bouquets look so appealing. A sage green boutonniere for the groom, wedding invites or even macaroons and white wedding cake with greenery decorations will add fun and creativity to the whole ceremony.

Summer Wedding- Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses and White Wedding Cake

Champagne + Burgundy

Burgundy is always regarded to be a fall wedding color. But when it is used together with champagne, the color palettes will be wonderful in summer weddings. White bride and bridesmaids in champagne bridesmaid dresses with white and burgundy bouquets, men in black suits, all seems unique and attractive. Want to see more inspirations in this color scheme? Click on the image below, you will know how to incorporate champagne and burgundy in wedding decorations, invites, cakes, table centerpieces etc..

Champagne and Burgundy Wedding-Bridesmaid Dresses, Bouquets and Cakes

Royal Blue + Light Gray

Royal blue is so noble and elegant in summer weddings. When it combines with grey, it will make your big day stand out! Royal blue bridesmaid dresses will add a lot of glory to your wedding. And the gray men's suits with a boutonniere of the thistle, royal blue wedding shoes, royal blue and white bouquets, invitations, centerpieces, ceremony decor, jewelry etc. will give you more clues.

Summer Wedding - Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Light Gray Groom's Suit with a Boutonniere of Thistle

Dusty Blue + Orange

Dusty blue is a very popular color for weddings in recent years. It took the wedding industry by storm with it's romance and elegance appeal. It's a soft and romantic color that works well with bright orange. Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses with orange bouquets, dusty blue table runner and dusty blue men's suits, bridal bouquets in orange and white flower and dusty blue ribbons, orange and green centerpieces… It's a good choice for a summer wedding in 2023.

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Dusty Blue and Orange


If you’re dreaming of a late Summer celebration filled to the brim with romance, then I have the perfect palette for you today! Delicate, fresh and oh so pretty it mixes soft shades of peach with the palest of greens and white, to create a look that is timeless and impeccably chic. White bridal gown and peach bridesmaid dresses , peach and green wedding bouquets, grey men's suit and peach boutonniere, peach wedding drapery with flowers and greenery,also wedding cakes in different hue of peach creams…

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Peach

Yellow + Green

Yellow and green combine to create this lush and elegant wedding colour palette! Yellow makes a radiant statement in bouquets, centrepieces and bridesmaid dresses. The green in ties, bouquets and tablewares add fresh to the celebration. And if you choose dark gray for the men's attire, it's going to compliment the bridesmaids beautifully!

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Yellow and Green

Blush + Light Blue

Soft blush and light blue is such a beautiful color combination. There is something very rustic and charming about it and evokes all the wonderful things of summer: blush bridesmaid dresses and wedding bouquets, blush and light blue with white ceterpieces, white wedding cake dotted with blush and light blue flowers

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Blush and Light Blue

Emerald Green + Fuschia

Emerald green and fuschia is bold, vibrant, feminine, and vivacious. This palette is for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement. Start off with emerald green dresses, as well as fuschia and greenery that embraces the richness of this color while adding some orange and yellow accent. This color palette is a great choice for weddings that are looking for something a bit different.

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Emerald Green and Fuschia

Aqua + Light Pink

Aqua and light pink is one of the prettiest colour combinations to use for your wedding. It is a cheerful duo, always fresh, feminine, and upbeat. Aqua and light pink wedding Ideas together make for a great theme defined by modernity and contemporary style. Aqua bridesmaid dresses, coupled with light pink flower and greenery bouquet,aqua table runner and candles…there's nothing we love more than fresh, colorful weddings!

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Aqua and Light Pink

Dusty Blue + White

The dusty blue and white color palette are so stylish that are nearly perfect for any season. Especially for an early summer wedding clear and elegant. Laid back vibes, from the white bridal gown and dusty blue bridesmaid dresses to the bottles and towels fluttering in the beach breeze, characterizes this wedding day perfectly!

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Dusty Blue and White

Blush + Burgundy

Burgundy and blush are a beautiful wedding color combination for a fall or winter wedding. The contrasting colors are so eye-catching and vibrant. The blush bridesmaid dresses, blush and burgundy wedding bouquet, blush and burgundy centerpieces, blush candles…all of these match these two colors perfectly.

Summer Wedding Colors for 2023 Blush and Burgundy

Sage Green + Peach

Sage green is undoubtably one of our favorite wedding colors for June 2023. It pairs perfectly with natural elements or an outdoor ceremony. Sage green and peach color palette best mixes warm and cool shades together. Choose white bridal gown, sage green bridesmaid dresses and peach and greenery bouquets. Design your wedding invitations in peach and some sage green shades and decorate the wedding tables with white cloth and peach table centerpieces. White wedding cakes with peach flowers looks pure, warm and elegant.

8 Popular June Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 - Sage Green + Peach

Dusty Blue + Blush

Dusty blue and blush is a perfect wedding color palette, pure and elegant, which is wonderful for almost the whole spring and summer season. You're going to love using this fabulous board as wedding inspiration for your June wedding 2023. Choose white bridal gown, blush bouquets and try having your girls in dusty blue bridesmaid dresses. White wedding table cloth, dusty blue table runner and blush flowers in the middle looks so beautiful and elegant. Navy blue suits, dusty blue ties and blush corsages for groom and groomsmen will be a perfect combination.

8 Popular June Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 - Dusty Blue + Blush

Lilac + Grey

For an outdoor garden wedding during summer, lilac and grey color palette is popular and ideal for purple shades lovers. Bridesmaids in lilac dresses and bride in white gown, simple daisy, lavender and greenery bouquets, white shirts, lilac ties and grey suits for groom and groommen, white wedding cakes with lilac and greenery decoration, white table cloth, lilac napkins and lilac table centerpieces , all of which makes a simple but elegant June wedding color pallete for 2023.

8 Popular June Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 -  Lilac + Grey

Coral + White

Want to make an ultra-bright color combination to feel even more vibrant in June weddings 2023? Coral and white wedding color combinations will be a great help! Try coral bridesmaid dresses for your girls. Choose white bridal gown, coral bouquets, white table cloth and coral table centerpieces. For groom and groomsmen, navy blue suits and coral ties will be an ideal choice.

8 Popular June Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 -  Coral + White

Yellow + White + Greenery

Is there any color as summery as yellow? Use this cheerful mix of yellow, white and greenery as inspiration for everything from your bouquets, bridesmaids' dresses to outdoor wedding decorations. Pastel yellow bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, yellow, white and greenery bouquets, ceremony chairs with jars of yellow flowers, wooden ceremony arch with yellow flowers and greenery, white wedding cakes of yellow and greenery decorations, all of which look so matched in a June summer wedding for 2023.

8 Popular June Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 -  Yellow + White + Greenery

Blush + White + Navy blue

Fresh blush color is also popularly used in June summer weddings. Blush, white and navy blue color palette is ideal for those princess dreamed brides. Try blush bridesmaid dresses for your girls. Choose white bridal gown, white and blush bouquets, navy blue suits and blush ties for groom and groomsmen. White table cloth, blush table centerpieces and gold table numbers makes perfect table decorations.

8 Popular June Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 -  Blush + White + Navy blue

Sky Blue + Coral

Sky blue and coral combination, cool color mixed with warm shades, makes an elegant but gorgeous color palettes for June weddings 2023. Bridesmaids in sky blue dresses and bride in white gown with coral bouquets of sky blue ribbons looks balanced and harmonious in June. Also choose coral corsages and sky blue wedding cakes with some coral flowers.

8 Popular June Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 -  Sky Blue + Coral

Sage Green + White

Sage green and white is a trendy summer wedding color palette that pulls off an elegant look that everyone will fall in love with. Sage green bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, white and greenery bouquets and white wedding invitations with greenery ornaments looks cool and generous. Choose navy blue suits and sage green ties for groom and groomsmen. And also white table cloth and sage green napkins.

8 Popular June Wedding Color Palettes for 2023 -  Sage Green + White

Dusty Rose + Sage

When it comes to wedding colors in August, dusty rose works perfectly with this time of the year, romantic and amazing. When it pairs with sage green, the hottest color in the wedding industry, it can work wonders! It will reflect nature in its own warm and special way. Pair dusty rose bridesmaid dresses with sage green leaves for wedding decor, and adding pastel roses and leaves bring the theme alive! All the floral decorations in wedding centerpieces, wedding cake, wedding card numbers, etc in dusty rose flowers and sage green leaves will be wonderful for your august wedding in 2023.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 dusty rose and sage green

Emerald + Hot Pink + Gold

Hot pink and gold are the go-to when choosing a fun and feminine color combination for your August wedding in 2023. Still want a fresh and modern vibe, just add emerald to it. It will inspire fun and fashion-forward brides who are not afraid of color! You can use hot pink flowers and some pop of pastel pink flowers in wedding centerpieces, bouquets, wedding cake and plate décor. Let your leading girls wear emerald green bridesmaid dresses. Wedding plates, wedding candles and cup decorations, wedding plates holding rings, desks to put wedding cake, can be gold color.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 emerald hot pink and gold

Lavender + Yellow

Yellow, a bright color, tends to be a summer inspiration while lavender is more like fall. The combination of lavender and yellow will create a different and desirable feeling, something unusual but just right! All wedding flowers can be mixed with lavender, yellow and green, whether they are used for wedding arches, bouquets, or centerpieces of the table. The bride can wear a white wedding dress, the bridesmaids can wear stunning lavender dresses, and the groom can wear a gray suit with lavender and yellow corsage. Your august wedding in 2023 in a lavender and yellow color palette will be dreamy.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 lavender and yellow

Champagne + Navy + Brown

Champagne, navy, and brown is a classy color palette that is flawless and elegant yet still neutral. And this will make perfect sense for your August wedding in 2023. While the bride can be in her white bridal gown and bridesmaids in champagne dresses. Groomsmen in navy suits and ties and choose navy bridesmaid robes for your leading girls. You can take your pick from bouquets in white and blush, wedding invitations with champagne covers, navy wedding tablecloths and champagne table runners and napkins, and wedding cakes decorated with champagne and light brown flowers. The options are numerous, and all equally aesthetic with this one!

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 champagne navy and brown

Light Blue + Coral + Peach

Light blue is a very fresh wedding color that is proper for August weddings. When it works with coral and peach, the wedding will add some warmth and summery vibes. Coral and peach color tones will work beautifully in flowers in bouquets, centerpieces, wedding cakes, and bridegroom's corsage. And light blue can be used in your bridesmaids' dresses. The girls in light blue gowns will greatly flatter the bride in a white bridal gown.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 light blue coral and peach

Navy + White + Greenery

Navy blue is such an elegant shade that if you want to use it in your August wedding, you can pair it with white and greenery to balance its dark tone. The bride and flower girl can be in white dresses while the bridesmaids in navy dresses. The bridegroom is in a white shirt and navy suit with white and greenery corsage. Both wedding arch and wedding table centerpieces can be white roses and greenery. Use navy napkins, navy wedding invites covers and blueberry to contrast the white colors.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 navy white and greenery

Orange + Royal Blue

Orange and royal blue is a joyful and bold color palette that will make your August wedding in 2023 memorable due to its strong contrasting effect. Bridesmaids in orange dresses while groomsmen in royal blue suits. The decoration in wedding centerpieces and wedding aisle chairs can be royal blue and orange flowers. Wedding cakes can be white and royal blue in color and decorated with orange flowers.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 orange and royal blue

Shades of Pink + Grey

Pink is a perfect color for a fairytale wedding in August. When it works with grey, it becomes elegant and refreshing. You can use different shades of pinks in wedding flower decorations in bouquets and wedding cakes. Girls in light pink bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen in grey suits and ties. Grey lanterns surrounded by pink petals, rings in a grey box and wedding invites with light pink flower printings are great in this color scheme. Overall, this is not a new color combo, knowing that pink and grey have been around forever, but it certainly feels refreshing and new every time!

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 shades of pink and grey

Rich Colors

August is a colorful month, why not make full use of the rich colors? Let your bridesmaid in mint green dress and Fuschia dress and decorate your wedding cake, wedding bouquets, and centerpieces in yellow, pink, peach, burgundy, Fuschia, and greenery. All the colorful flowers will create fascinating and attractive feelings. Do not forget the wedding table number card and sign-in table. Also, use rich colors to arrange them.

perfect august wedding color ideas for 2023 rich colors

Blush + Peach

Blush and peach are the colors of the same serious, light but fairy-tale. For a blush and peach fairy-tale July wedding 2023, it's necessary to choose some greenery for decorations, besides from the natural greenery and flowers around. Follow our blush and peach July wedding color combinations ideas for 2023: Bridesmaids in blush dresses, bride in white gown and peach wedding bouquets make up a perfect combinations. Peach wedding biscuits and white wedding cakes with blush fowers look gorgeous and romantic. Grey attire and blush boutonniere for groom and groomsmen will be a best choice for a July wedding 2023.

Best 8 July Wedding Color Combinations for 2023 - Blush + Peach

Champagne + White + Greenery

Champagne, white and greenery wedding color palette looks cool, summery and comfortable, which cannot be missed for a July wedding 2023. To incorporate champagne,white and greenery color palette into your February wedding 2023 , choose champagne bridesmaid dresses for your girls, white bridal gown an