More and more couples choose to tie the knot at fall because of the natural backdrop of this season - beautiful falling leaves, the great weather-not too hot or too cold as well as less budget-cost will be reduced based on the beauty of the nature. If the deeper and darker color palette is your preference, fall will be the best season for your big day! We will give you more ideas about fall wedding color palettes including classical and traditional burgundy, purple, wine, green etc. colors but also creative colors like blush, peach, grey etc. to inspire you! We also provide you a list of Wedding Colors in All Seasons and Colors for your reference!

Burgundy + Green

The warm burgundy and the cool green work together so well which will be a perfect fall wedding color palette. The combination of burgundy and forest green evokes nostalgia for holiday and creates an intimate celebration. Girls in burgundy bridesmaid dresses look so stunning with green wedding bouquets. You will get more ideas after clicking on the following image!

Fall wedding colors burgundy and green

Dusty Rose + Burgundy

Dusty rose and burgundy are such a beautiful balance of the pink family that will be wonderful for fall weddings. This color palette will allow for endless options when working with floral and it’s beautifully paired with silver, gold, or green. Dusty rose bridesmaid dresses is flattering to white bridal gown. Coupled with men's black suits, burgundy flowers in greenery, wedding invites etc. the color palette will give you more ideas!

Fall Wedding- Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dresses and Burgundy Flower Decorations

Grey + Burgundy + White

Your wedding color scheme will set the tone for the entire big day. What’s great about the grey color is that it’s neutral.Grey is a neutral color that will set an elegant tone for the entire big day. In fall weddings, it will be great to combine grey with burgundy and white. White bridal gown and grey bridesmaid dresses can flatter each other very well. Grey wedding cake and tablecloth, grey men's suits, bouquets and centerpieces in white, burgundy and greenery etc. will let you enjoy the big event!

Fall Wedding - White Bridal Gown, Grey Bridesmaid Dresses and Burgundy Bouquets

Sage Green + Black + Brown

Holding a bohemian wedding in fall is so cool! The color scheme - sage green as a main color together with accent colors of black and brown will be wonderful. Calligraphed signage, succulent favors, tri-flavored doughnut wall and geometric details decorate the scene, while the groom's black suit and brown wood trim added gravitas to the ceremony, and sage green bridesmaid dresses blend perfectly with all of this. You will get more inspirations after clicking on the image below!

Bohemian Sage Green, Black and Brown Fall Wedding Color Ideas

Burgundy + Peach + Green

With a beautiful burgundy, peach and green color palette, today’s wedding color idea is so perfect for fall weddings in 2019. Bridesmaids wearing burgundy bridesmaid dresses are so stunning when standing aside bride. Also the nacked wedding cake with burgundy and peach flowers, burgundy place settings and ceremony decors etc. will make this color ideas richful!

Fall Wedding - Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses and Naked Wedding Cake with Burgundy Flowers

Maroon + Navy

Maroon is one of the emerging wedding color theme in 2019. When it combines with navy, the palette will become the most perfect color scheme in fall weddings. Be sure to pair it with either white or ivory to really show off its rich coloring. White bridal gown and maroon bridesmaid dresses are the best match to flatter each other. Navy men's suits with maroon tie, wedding bouquets in maroon, white and greenery, wedding cakes and invites in flowers decorations in this palette, all seem classic!

Fall Wedding - Maroon Bridesmaid Dresses and Navy Man's Suit with Maroon Tie

Burgundy + Blush +White

Burgundy is a classic color in fall wedding. When pairing with blush and white, the palette will make the wedding sophisticated and soft. The burgundy bridesmaid dresses is bold and sophisticated, forming a striking effect with the elegant and shy color of blush and white. Adding some white and blush into burgundy bouquets, also the table setting in burgundy and white will be all eye-catching for weddings!

Fall Burgundy Wedding-Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses, Burgundy and White Table Setting

Dusty Rose

If you're looking for wedding ideas that will inspire a classic event and may never go out of style, try incorporate soft pink and blush tones for a posh and stylish look. Dusty rose bridesmaid dresses will be stunning and appealing. The table runner drapes, boutonniere and floral decoration this color scheme, will give you more ideas!

Fall Wedding - Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dresses and Floral Decoration

Dark Green + Gold + White

Fall season is great to hold a vintage wedding. The color palette of dark green, gold and white can create an overall look that is elegant, modern, and vintage. Keep the bridesmaids looking soft and serene in the dark green bridesmaid dresses. You must be attracted by the look of the venue – big wooden gates opening to reveal a secret garden inside. white flowers with lots of greenery, gold accessories and table settings!

Fall Wedding - Dark Green Bridesmaid Dresses and Gold Wedding Decoration

Wheat Wedding

Have you ever thought to hold a rustic fall wedding? Wheat wedding will give you more surprise. Put wheat as a main part of the bouquet, centerpieces, cake or boutonniere. Matched with lavender bridesmaid dresses, wheat makes your fall wedding colors more natural and rustic. You can get more inspirations on this style wedding after clicking on the image below!

Rustic wheat fall wedding ideas and colors

Dark Green Wedding

Dark green is a great wedding ideas in fall。Bride in white while bridesmaids in dark green dresses look so flattering. You can decorate your photo wall, wedding invitations and bouquets with plants, and make men wear grey suits with green ties, all which will create a space to show the romance!

Fall Wedding - Dark Green Bridesmaid Dresses and White Bouquets with Greenery

Dusty Rose + Sage Green

If you are planning for a boho chic fall wedding, the dusty rose is a great color which is girly but sophisticated especially paired with gold and sage green. Brides in white and bridesmaids in dusty rose dresses with sage green bouquets are so beautiful and attractive. Additionally, the wedding shoes, flowers, men's suits, table decorations and centerpieces in this palette will enable you to get more inspirations!

Fall Boho Chic Wedding - Dusty Rose Bridesmaid Dresses and Sage Green Bouquets

Champagne + Burgundy

Champange and burgundy are two elegant colors in fall weddings. They are rich and eye-catching combos that will definitely highlight your wedding in the lack-of-vitality season. Leading girls in champagne bridesmaid dresses with burgundy bouquets are so flattering to the white bride. Champagne wedding cake dotted with burgundy flowers, table settings, centerpieces and invitations, every detail will look quite noble and exquisite.

Fall Wedding-Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Burgundy Bouquets

Black + White + Green

The black and white color palette is a classic matching which gives you a modern feeling. When it adds touches of green, it becomes the perfect balance of modern and industrial for a fall wedding. The simple black bridesmaid dresses have formed a contrast with white bridal gown, very unique. These lush green and white bouquets,minimal tablescapes with plenty of greenery, modern accents like acrylic hand-lettered place cards, and the geometric candle decorations keep the design simple but absolutely stunning.

Fall Wedding-Black Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Green and White Bouquets

Royal Blue + White + Black

Royal blue is really a great and popular fall wedding color since stands for royalty to love and marriage. Royal blue will look more noble, elgant and royal when it pair with white and black. You can use this color palette as follow: White bridal gown, royal blue bridesmaid dresses, wedding cake in white and royal blue, black men's suit with royal blue vest and tie, table decorations with royal blue napkins etc.. If you want to see the color palette details, just click on the image below!

Blue Wedding - Royal Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Black Men's Suits

Turquoise + Mango

Turquoise, vibrant and bold while mango, bright and beautiful, they will create a wonderful fall wedding since this color palettes blue color which can make you a great and beautiful fall wedding when combining with bright mango. This color palette creates hints of classic wedding elements and touches of rustic charm. Click on the image below, you will see turquoise bridesmaids dresses, table designs and wedding cake, flowers, piles of chocolate in this color scheme in detail.

Blue Wedding - Turquoise Bridesmaid Dresses and Mango Flower Decorations

Cornflower Blue

Cornflower blue and fall belong to fall wedding colors. When they combines, your fall wedding will be trendy and contemparary. A great additional accent color for cornflower blue and bright yellow is red. Brides in white gown is surrounded by bridesmaids in cornflower blue dresses. The scene can not be more perfect! Coupled with the grey and blue men's suits, colorful centerpieces and naked wedding cake, all will make your wedding stand out!

Blue Wedding - Cornflower Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Bright Flowers

Pink + Gold

Pink is romantic while gold is noble. When the two colors used together in fall weddings, it is a dessy and elegant combination to make a perfect wedding. You will be greatly inspired by the color palettes from white or silver bride with pink bouquets, Pink bridesmaid dresses, groom and groomsmen in white shirt and khaki vest with gold ties and pink corsages, neutral table linen with pink centerpieces, and tableware and table numbers in gold color…Just click on the image below to see more details!

Pink and Gold Fall Wedding, Pink Bridesmaid Dresses, Pink and Gold table decorations

Dusty Blue

Dusty blue is a great and flattering wedding color in fall and brides can make it as the main color. Just incorporate some dark red colors to the dusty blue, the palette is astonishing wonderful! Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses with dark red bouquets, centerpieces and drinks, table decorations of dusty blue color can add coolness to your fall wedding. Click on the image below, you will see this trendy color palettes!

Blue Wedding - Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses and Dark Red Decorations

Dusty Rose + Dusty Blue

The color scheme of dusty rose and dusty blue is perfect for fall weddings, which will make the wedding be unique and memorable. Brides in white bridal gown and bridesmaids in mismatched dresses, the scene can not be more beautiful! Girls in dusty rose and some in dusty blue bridesmaid dresses while decorating your flowers, tables, desserts, and cakes in the 2 colors. You must be inspired after clicking on the image below to see the details.

8 Perfect Dusty Rose Wedding Color Palettes for 2019 - Dusty Rose and Dusty Blue

Ice Blue + White

People always tends to choose dark colors in fall weddings. Actually, the light hue will give you a unique feeling. Ice blue and white will make your fall wedding different! The ideas about this color palettes - white bridal gown, ice blue bridesmaid dresses and decorate your wedding with ice blue tablecolth, centerpieces, invitations and bouquets, ice blue cake with flowers on top etc. will inspired you greatly. To see these inspiration in detail, you just need to click on the image below!

Blue Wedding - Ice Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with White Bouquets


Teal is one of the most favorite colors in fall weddings since its cold hue. When it combines with a warmer brown color, the color palettes looks so fresh and stunning. Bridesmaids in teal stood in front of the brown-brick church with soft yellow bouquets, what a sense of autumn! And your guests will love the dessert table with teal tablecloth and lots of delicious snacks served at the reception. You will be inspired by the details after you clicking on the image below!

Blue Wedding - Teal Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Light Brown Decorations

Burgundy + Dusty Blue

Dusty blue is a wedding color that becomes popular in recent years. The combos of dusty blue with burgundy is stunning. You can pair dusty blue table linen and candles with burgundy centerpieces, dusty blue bridesmaid dresses with burgundy bouquet, dusty blue wedding cakes with burgundy flowers. Click on the image below, you will see more ideas on this color combos which will give your fall wedding a classic and romantic style!

Fall wedding colors burgundy and dusty blue

Burgundy + Ivory

Burgundy is elegant while ivory is pure. Combining the two colors, your fall wedding will be impressive. You can add the color of ivory into any element of your wedding, such as ivory candles, ivory cakes and ivory bouquet. Click on the image below, you will be inspired by more ideas on this color palette

Fall wedding colors burgundy and ivory

Burgundy + Navy Blue

Navy blue is another classic fall wedding color that can be used together with burgundy. Get inspirations for your romantic burgundy and navy blue wedding – from burgundy and white bouquet, to navy blue bridesmaid dresses, to place settings, wedding floral arrangements, hair, favors, wedding board, etc.. Click on the image below, you will see more details on this color combos!

Fall wedding colors burgundy and navy blue

Sky Blue

Sky blue is a little bit light hue of blue which still can be used in fall weddings especially when it is paired with pale yellow bouquets. White bridal gown, sky blue bridesmaid dresses, soft yellow bouquets and wedding shoes etc., all of them will make your wedding stand out! You can have a brave try in this color palette in your fall wedding. Click on the image below to learn more inspirations in this color palette.

Blue Wedding - Sky Blue Bridesmaid Dresses Paired with Soft Yellow Bouquets

Burgundy + Yellow

Sunflower is the best flower for the season of fall. This bright color, coupled with burgundy, will make the fall wedding warm and fruitful. Bridesmaids in burgundy with sunflower bouquet is another beautiful landscape! You will be surprised by more ideas on this color scheme after you click on the image below!

Fall wedding colors burgundy and yellow

Burgundy + Gray

Burgundy and gray is an elegant, contemporary combination while gray is a perfect accent to burgundy. Ladies in gray bridesmaid dresses with a burgundy scarf, grey wedding cakes with burgundy flower decoration, grey men's suit, all those make your fall wedding more warm and romantic. In addition to these inspirations, you will know how to make your wedding decorations, wedding invitations, wedding cakes, table decor in this color palette after you click on the image below!

Fall wedding colors burgundy and gray

Burgundy + Orange

Want a fall wedding with a cozy atmosphere? The burgundy and orange, rich and sophisticated color combos, will be a wonderful choice. Decorate your fall wedding with burgundy and orange from wedding cakes to bouquets, to wedding arch, centerpieces, etc..You will be greatly inspired after you click on the image below!

Fall wedding colors burgundy and orange

Burgundy + Blush

Although blush is a light color of pink which is usually regarded to belong to spring wedding. If you like to add this color to your fall wedding, there is no problem at all! Burgundy paired with blush conveys a feel of elegance and beauty, which is perfect for early fall weddings. Gals in blush bridesmaid dresses with burgundy bouquets make the whole wedding more delightful. Click on the image below, you will get more ideas on this color scheme in the aspect of wedding arch, cake, invitation, table decorations etc.

Fall wedding colors burgundy and blush

Wine + Navy

Wine and navy is a traditional fall wedding color scheme. Bride in white bridal gown, girls in wine bridesmaid dresses and groom and groomsmen in navy suits and wine ties, the color palette is so warm and inviting. Click on the image below, you will get more ideas on wedding flowers, cake, invitations, table decorations etc. You will never be disappointed by pick these hues!

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Wine and Navy

Navy + Grey

Have you never thought to pair navy blue with grey? Navy blue and grey, elegant and easy-to-pair, is a classic fall wedding color palette and will still popular in 2019. You can also add a shade of peach to the blue and grey wedding. Bridesmaids with navy blue dresses with white and peach bouquets are so stunning. Click on the image below, you will be inspired by more ideas on this color scheme.

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Navy Blue and Grey

Emerald Green + Blue

Emerald green will bring some life to the fall season. Emerald green bridesmaid dresses, with its rich hue, can be paired with numerous accent colors like true blue or navy blue suits, which looks contrasted and never brighter. Click on the image below, you will get more ideas on how to decorate your wedding venue, table, invitations, cakes etc in this color combos!

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Emerald Green and Blue

Purple + Gray

Purple and gray is always a classic fall wedding color palette. While groomsmen in gray suits with a purple tie and wedding boutonniere and bridesmaids in purple dresses, purple and gray can also perfectly used in other wedding decorations.You will see the ideas after you click on the image below.

Fall wedding colors with purple and gray

Plum Wedding

Plum, a strong and historical associations with loyalty, is a perfect match for fall, which can be used for wedding cards, shoes, table linens or wedding arch. The choice of the beautiful plum bridesmaid dresses will make the fall wedding wonderful! To see more details on plum wedding, just click on the image below!

Fall wedding colors with plum

Lavender Wedding

Soft, dainty and ladylike, lavender is a more subtle and gentle color which makes the fall wedding looks more fresh. Brides with lavender bouquets, bridesmaids in lavender dresses, table linens, wedding cakes and invites in lavender and white, everything looks unique. After you click on the image below, you will see more inspirations on this palette.

Fall wedding colors with lavender

Navy Blue Wedding

Navy blue is a ultra-classic color and considered to be one of best fall wedding colors. It can be used to your wedding card, chair decorations, table cloths while navy blue bridesmaid dresses add a maturity touch to your fall wedding. To see more details in this color, from dress to suits, from wedding flowers to invites, from table decorations to wedding welcome sign etc.? You just need to click on the image below!

Fall wedding colors navy blue

Dusty Blue Wedding

Dusty blue is so romantic and dreamy. White bridal gown with dusty blue bridesmaid dresses with white and greenery bouquets are so appealing. Click on the image below, you will see more inspirations in table linen, wedding flowers, invites, cakes, rings etc.

Sky blue wedding ideas for fall 2018

Champagne + Burgundy

Looking for the perfect burgundy and champagne pairing? Chamagne bridesmaid dresses, white and burgundy bouquets, champagne table linens with burgundy chair decorations, wedding cakes and invitations in the color combos etc will let you know how it is easy to combine the two colors in your big day. Just click on the image below to see the details.

Champagne and burgundy wedding color palette for fall 2018

Purple Wedding

Purple is an ideal color for fall wedding and winter wedding. With different shades-such as pansy purple and combined with the colors of gold and white, you can have an perfect October wedding color combos. You will see more details on bride and bridesmaid dresses, men's suits, wedding aisle arrangement,wedding cake, invites, centerpieces after click on the image below.

Top 8 October Wedding Colors - Purple

Burgundy Wedding

As a classic color, burgundy is pretty much a must-have color if you're getting married in October! white bridal gown, burgundy bridesmaid dresses, navy groom suits and grey groomsmen suits with burgundy ties, neutral table linens with burgundy centerpieces, your October fall can not be more perfect! Click on the image below, more inspirations on this color palettes will be shown which will help you add burgundy into your October wedding decor.

Top 8 October Wedding Colors - Burgundy

Mauve Wedding

Mauve, the pale purple color, is very popular for fall weddings and goes for the glamour, vintage, and modern all rolled into one. It's very easy to go with and you can pair it with something gold or gray. Click on the image below to get some inspirations on dresses, table and chair decorations, wedding flowers, cakes, invites, table cards etc..

10 Gorgeous November Wedding Color Palettes in 2018 - Mauve

Burgundy + Peach

Raspberry sometimes is regarded to burgundy by someone. Bright and bold, burgundy and peach color combos makes your fall cool wedding attracting and stunning. Check the following palette and get inspirations.

Fall wedding colors burgundy and peach

Burgundy + Gold

Burgundy and gold color combos, rich and eye-catching, will definitely highlight your fall wedding. It can be used in wedding decorations, wedding favors or wedding cakes.

Fall wedding colors burgundy and gold

Champagne + Shades of Red

Some neutrals like champagne is perfect for fall wedding 2019. Champagne bridesmaid dresses with bouquets of shades of red create a standout color combinations in a fall wedding.

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Champagne and Shades of Red

Ivory + Burgundy

It's a great idea for your girls wearing ivory bridesmaid dresses. You can pair some burgundy with the ivory fall wedding, which will never disappoint you.

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Ivory and burgundy

Red + Sunflower Yellow

Sunflower yellow is always a fall wedding color. Sunflower yellow and red color combinations conveys fall harvest and coziness, which is perfect for fall wedding undoubtedly.

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Yellow and Red

Royal Blue + White

Royal blue and white color combos screams elegance, classic and just beautiful colours. Royal blue bridesmaid dresses pairs best with a white bridal gown.

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Royal Blue and White

Violet + Gold

Violet and gold, a vibrant fall color combos, will make the whole wedding feel fresh and bright. Try violet bridesmaid dresses and add a little shade of gold to the wedding.

Top 8 fall wedding color trends and ideas for 2019 - Violet and Gold

Mauve Wedding

Mauve is a warm and soft color among the purple family. It's very popular for fall wedding decorations such as wedding flowers, wedding cakes, table decors. Mauve bridesmaid dresses look very great with classical white bridal gown!

Fall wedding colors with mauve

Purple & Red

From bouquets to boutonniere, from centerpieces to cakes, the purple and red mix conveys a sense of brightness and passion to your fall wedding. Paired with pansy purple bridesmaid dresses, the fall wedding is really exciting!

Fall wedding colors with purple and red

Purple & Yellow

Purple and yellow color combination, with the sense of joy and fun, is perfect for any fall wedding. Try royal purple bridesmaid dresses, with bright yellow bouquets, which will never be disappointing.

Fall wedding colors with purple and yellow
all fall wedding color palettes

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